10 injured in liquid nitrogen explosion at Dippin’ Dots factory

Madeline Dovi, DCNF Ten people were hurt in an explosion at a Dippin’ Dots factory in Paducah, Kentucky, as a truck unloaded liquid nitrogen, police and company […]

‘Sucking the blood out of kids?’ Biden dodges reporter’s question with bizarre counter-question

President Joe Biden continues to display bizarre behavior from time to time, the latest example of this being seen late Wednesday as the president was returning to […]

Another Democrat lawmaker arrested on Capitol Hill for leading march into building – So, ‘insurrection’?

Democratic Representative Hank Johnson (GA-04) said he was “getting into good trouble” like his mentor, the late Congressman John Lewis, when he was arrested in a Thursday […]

Ron Johnson says he ‘may not be the best candidate’ for reelection in 2022

Sebastian Hughes, DCNF Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is not sure he’s the “best candidate” to campaign for reelection in 2022, he told conservative commentator Lisa […]

Rep. Cawthorn vows to prosecute Fauci ‘to the full ability of the law,’ says consequences are coming

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT WeThePeople.store for best SWAG! North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn vowed on Thursday that […]

Diners flee as bloody shooting goes down outside restaurant near White House

Police have released footage of suspects fleeing the bloody shooting of two diners outside the Mexicue restaurant located in an upscale neighborhood of northwest Washington, D.C., approximately […]

Democrats introduce bill holding tech companies liable for ‘health misinformation’

Ailan Evans, DCNF Senate Democrats introduced legislation Thursday removing liability protections from online platforms that promote content deemed health misinformation. The bill, proposed by Sens. Amy Klobuchar […]

What’s dumber than CRT? CNN

As we discussed last week, “critical race theory” is a subtle philosophical construct where the answer to everything is: THAT’S RACIST! Teachers hawking this glop are being […]

‘Birthing people’: Team Biden embraces newspeak

President Joe Biden’s official budget proposal is proof that the lunatic woke fringe has made its way into the White House: In a section on plans to […]

Read my lips: We’re not going back to masks and lockdowns again

Are we really doing this again? Are we really talking about returning to masking? Again? Last weekend, Los Angeles County reinstituted its mask mandate for indoor settings. […]

megan rapinoe kneeling anthem
Olympics to include athletes kneeling in highlights

Harry Wilmerding, DCNF The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced Thursday that it will include images of players taking a knee in highlights and social media, after the […]

DeVos says White House is lying, Biden’s Dept of Ed, ‘as far left as you can imagine,’ approved CRT group

Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who served in the Trump administration, said Thursday that under the Biden administration, the department is “as far left as you can […]