‘Fresh Prince’ star GOES OFF on ‘Cosby wife’ Phylicia Rashad for celebrating prison release

“Cosby Show” alum and co-star Phylicia Rashad is getting major pushback following her celebratory tweet after co-star Bill Cosby’s release from prison earlier this week. After news […]

RNC launches devastating Kamala Harris’ 100 days of failure: ‘God help us if she ever becomes president’

The Republican National Committee is running a devastating and breathtakingly effective video highlighting Vice President Kamala Harris’ 100 days of massive failure on illegal immigration and the […]

Duke University study refutes USA Today’s claim that biological males are not advantaged in women’s sports

An investigative report published earlier this week by USA Today claimed that there is little evidence that biological males bring insurmountable physical advantages to female sports competitions, […]

Judge orders Minneapolis to hire more cops after traumatized residents sue city over lack of protection

A judge has officially ordered Minneapolis to hire more police officers after the city council was sued by residents who are alarmed over the rise in crime […]

Agitated Joe Biden ‘concerned’ reporters are asking questions, calls his own lid mid-press conference

An agitated President Biden snapped at reporters on Friday during a White House news conference, making it clear that the Fourth of July weekend is upon us […]

San Jose votes to require gun owners to buy liability insurance, pay fee for cost of gun violence

There’s a growing effort in some states controlled by the Republican Party to limit local governments from initiating ordinances to circumvent broader laws, or the lack thereof, […]

Texas law enforcement, ICE agents sue Biden admin for failing to deport criminal illegal immigrants

A group of Texas sheriffs and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have filed suit against the Biden administration for refusing to deport criminal illegal aliens amid a […]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid melts down over DeSantis, Noem sending Natl Guard to ‘nonexistent’ border crisis

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s pledge on Tuesday to send 50 South Dakota National Guard troops to assist with the border crisis in Texas, was apparently enough […]

Fed-up GOP lawmaker who fled communist hell SCHOOLS Dem Rep on so-called ‘white nationalism’ threat

Arizona GOP state Rep. Quang Nguyen angrily schooled Democratic legislator Daniel Hernández after Hernández used the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol building as a backdrop […]

Biden gives oxygen to ‘rational speculation’ global warming may have played a role in Fla condo collapse

President Joe Biden never seems to miss an opportunity to please his progressive left handlers, as seen Thursday when he took his empathy tour to Surfside, Fla., […]

‘Happy Birthday, America, whatever’s left of ya’: Toby Keith’s provocative new patriotic song

Country music star Toby Keith has released a new single celebrating the birth of America ahead of Independence Day to mark its 245th birthday, though the song […]

Kirstie Alley under siege for raw, early morning Twitter vent: ‘Protect your children’

Actress Kirstie Alley vented on Twitter over children being subjected to perversions of every kind on television and called it the “underbelly of humanity,” while leftists claim […]

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