Agitated Joe Biden ‘concerned’ reporters are asking questions, calls his own lid mid-press conference

An agitated President Biden snapped at reporters on Friday during a White House news conference, making it clear that the Fourth of July weekend is upon us and that he already had one foot out the door.

In effect, Biden called a media lid in the middle of a news conference.

The president was being peppered with questions about Afghanistan after it was reported Friday that the U.S. handed over Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. military installation in Afghanistan, to the Afghan National Security and Defense Force and that U.S. military personnel quietly departed the airbase.

“I’m not going to be answering any more questions on Afghanistan,” Biden said, raising his hands in protest. “Look, it’s the Fourth of July. I’m concerned that you guys are asking me questions that I’ll answer next week, but on this, the holiday weekend, I’m going to celebrate it. There’s great things happening. The economy’s growing at the fastest rate in 40 years; we’ve got a record number of new jobs; COVID deaths are down ninety percent; wages are up faster than any time in 15 years; we’re bringing our troops home.

“All across America, People are going to ball games, and doing good things. This is a good — I’ll answer all your negative questions, not negative, legitimate questions…”

“Look, we were in that war for 20 years — 20 years,” Biden told reporters, when asked about leaving Afghanistan.

The president said he believed the Afghans “have the capacity to be able to sustain the government.”

“There is going to have to be, down the road, more negotiations, I suspect,” Biden said, adding that “the Afghans are going to have to be able to do it themselves.”

For what it’s worth, former President Donald Trump said Saturday at his first post-presidency rally in Ohio that he had already started the process that Biden is taking credit for while talking about gun violence in Chicago being worse than Afghanistan.

“By the way, I started the process,” Trump said. “All the troops are coming back home. They couldn’t stop the process. 21 years is enough. Don’t we think? 21 years. They couldn’t stop the process. They wanted to, but it was very tough to stop the process…”

The former president had a very different take on how the Afghan government will hold up against the Taliban once the U.S. is out.

“The only way they last is if we’re there,” he said. “What are we going to say? We’ll stay for another 21 years, then we’ll stay for another 50. The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Social media users have already seen enough of the Biden act, and it’s growing old on them real quick.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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