Sen Ron Johnson hits back at ‘coordinated attack’ over tax allegations: ‘This isn’t journalism. It’s partisan activism’

Conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), who is known for his attacks against CRT, the border, the Iran nuclear deal, and a host of other woke topics, decried […]

Lawrence Jones and Brian Kilmeade clash on Uvalde Police response: ‘The fog of the moment is real’

New information is surfacing about how law enforcement officials handled the Uvalde school shooting—and it isn’t making them look good. This led to an exchange between Brian […]

Unearthed memo confirms John Kerry’s clandestine meetings with Iran in effort to undermine Trump: report

The ACLJ has unearthed a memo through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showing that former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry did indeed engage in covert […]

Kellyanne Conway suspects Trump’s inner circle turned him against her, starts naming names

As former President Donald Trump was trashing Kellyanne Conway’s new memoir on Truth Social, Conway was reacting to his statement in real-time during a podcast interview — […]

Lunatic falsely claims nephew was Texas victim, accuses Abbott of bribery. Lefties fall hook, line, and sinker.

Journalist Andy Ngo exposed a leftist on Twitter who falsely claimed that he was the uncle of one of the Uvalde mass shooting victims and that Governor […]

Gutfeld: Only things Dems are good at are empty ‘political symbolism’ and dividing the country for power

(Video: Fox News) Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld aimed his monologue on Thursday’s “Gutfeld!” at the complete inability of the Democrat Party to unite the country as evidenced […]

Texas Dem calls on FBI to thoroughly investigate Uvalde Police response to school shooting

Amid revelations by Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez that nearly ninety minutes passed between the arrival of Uvalde Police to Robb Elementary School and […]

Grandfather gives tour of Uvalde shooter’s blood-soaked home, says wife shot in face over a phone bill is awake

(Video Credit: Inside Edition) Independent journalist Ali Bradley took footage inside the home of Uvalde shooter Salvador Rolando Ramos guided by the grandfather, Rolando Reyes, who showed […]

Texas Lieutenant says cops were reluctant to engage school gunman because ‘they could’ve been shot’

(Video Credit: CNN) Uvalde police are being excoriated by both liberal and conservative media who are demanding answers over why it took them so long to take […]

Miranda Devine dishes on ‘delicious’ details of Durham case, predicts ‘ramifications’ will be ‘momentous’

(Video: Fox News) Journalist Miranda Devine contends that the trial of attorney Michael Sussmann on one count of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation may seem […]

Dem strategist: ‘Republicans want to force you to have kids so they have something to shoot at’

Twitter users are angry and voicing strong opposition to a Democratic strategist who is boldly claiming that Republicans dislike abortion because they want parents to have something […]

CBS reporter on scene describes O’Rourke’s shameless stunt at Abbott presser: ‘Very clearly staged’

Remember Beto O’Rourke’s “I’m just born to be in it” Vanity Fair magazine cover? Well, the current Democratic candidate for Texas governor probably hopes you’ve forgotten it. […]

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