Biden admin may have fed workers remain remote after pandemic, but it could create more problems

The Biden administration is considering allowing federal employees who worked remotely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue doing so permanently. Describing it as “a sweeping […]

Pelosi reportedly hasn’t dropped a dime after promising to personally match campaign donations

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has allegedly not spent a single dime matching campaign donations even though she promised personally to do so in at least 50 emails […]

Russell Brand reluctantly calls out Dems, media powerhouses for ‘conspiring’ to suppress Biden ‘sleaze’

Actor Russell Brand may soon get a taste for just how intolerant the left can be when someone wanders off the liberal plantation. Of course, the greatest […]

Journo takes cover, gunshots ring out during live shot near George Floyd Square on anniversary of death

A news team broadcasting live from George Floyd Square in Minneapolis on the one-year anniversary of his death managed to capture sounds of gunfire from a drive-by […]

‘Straight FIRE’: DeSantis gets standing ovation after wrecking reporter trying to tie Trump to censorship bill

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis keeps earning his internet-anointed title of “America’s governor,” as seen Monday during a signing ceremony for a bill the Republican said will crack […]

Man rams SUV through front doors of police station after allegedly trying to run over officers

A Maryland man named Timothy Joel Jackson Kahl repeatedly threatened to kill a cop and then took his SUV and crashed it through the front doors of […]

Man made famous for being first male to receive Covid-19 ‘jab’ dies at 81

The first man who received a government-approved COVID-19 vaccine, William Shakespeare of England, has died after being injected in early December. He was 81. According to reports, […]

Dennis Prager: The Middle East dispute is about religion, not land

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. If you’ve seen videos of recent attacks on Jews in New York City, Los Angeles, London […]

Ingraham: ‘Trump was right’ about everything he warned of prior to November

Fox News host Laura Ingraham kicked off her Monday program reciting a litany of comments and predictions made by former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 […]

Sean Lennon pushes back hard against woke PC culture: ‘Whites are not the problem either’

Sean Ono Lennon, who is the son of Beatles legend John Lennon and the notoriously liberal Yoko Ono, took a strong stand on Twitter Sunday and blasted […]

Tucker shines a light on Biden’s quiet amnesty-like move for 100,000 Haitians: ‘What’s the purpose?’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was sure to draw the ire of the left even more than he typically does with Monday night’s commentary on immigration. The […]

Stephen Moore: Biden’s ‘gas tax’ is a pain at the pump

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. One of my early memories, and not a happy one, is sitting in gas lines in […]

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