Celtics’ Kemba Walker dragged for sporting jacket with flag ‘associated with far-right politics’

Boston Celtics star Kemba Walker stirred up controversy after he donned a pregame jacket that sported the Gadsden flag with the words “Don’t Tread on Me” emblazoned […]

MSNBC’s medical expert suggests parents continue wearing masks ‘in solidarity’ with unvaccinated kids

An infectious-disease expert who regularly appears on MSNBC says that parents who have received both doses of the COVID-19 inoculation should consider continuing to wear facial coverings […]

Tucker Carlson names and shames Republicans who would vote for Dems’ Jan. 6 commission ‘farce’

House Democrats were successful Tuesday in pushing through the Rules Committee a proposal to create a 9/11-style commission to “investigate” the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. […]

Governor Abbott issues masking rule ban, fines counties attempting to impose mask mandates

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order on Tuesday that prohibits local governments and public schools from enforcing mask mandates. Texas is the latest state to […]

Gutfeld addresses Trump fat-shaming accusation

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld ved into the “hard-hitting journalism” seen in a new bo from Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, which claims former President Donald Trump […]

Republicans explain opposition to Asian hate bill, call it ‘broad’ vehicle to stifle political speech

A number of Republicans explained their opposition to an Asian anti-hate bill that passed Congress on Wednesday, with most concerned about provisions in the measure that do […]

Little Caesars issues statement after employees and bystanders watch brutal attack, only rescue toddler

Cops are on the loout for a woman who allegedly administered a beatdown to another female at a Georgia pizza parlor. In a video that has gone […]

Lindsey Graham calls for a ‘draft Trump movement’

Sen. Lindsey Graham pushed for former President Donald Trump to run for his second term in 2024, citing a plethora of domestic and foreign policy crises that […]

New York taxpayers stuck with Cuomo’s legal fees in nursing home investigation

Taxpayers in New York state are going to be responsible for the legal fees charged by a high-powered lawyer who is defending Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo against […]

‘That was some f—ing bullshit’: Never-before-told story about Biden’s response to Kamala’s debate hit

President Joe Biden vented on a fellow candidate after getting stung by now-Vice President Kamala Harris during a 2019 Democratic primary debate. “That was some f—ing bullshit,” […]

Pentagon tries to deny Capitol riot is being used as pretext to completely transform military

The Pentagon is allegedly planning to launch a program via a private firm named Babel Street that would monitor the social media of military personnel and search […]

Fox News’ Will Cain: ‘Ben Crump might be the single most destructive force in America’

Fox News host Will Cain to Ben Crump to task during a Tuesday evening “Fox News Primetime” segment in which he accused the civil rights attorney of […]

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