NYC mayoral candidates get answers on average home price in Brooklyn embarrassingly wrong

Two New York City mayoral candidates simultaneously made a political misstep claiming that the average price for a house in Brooklyn was $100,000. They were severely mocked […]

Bride-to-be sues DC over dance ban, lawyers cite film ‘Footloose’ and say strip clubs permit dancing

Claiming the city is violating her First Amendment rights, a bride-to-be has sued the District of Columbia over its ban on dancing at weddings. Margaret Appleby, who […]

Kinzinger quietly plotted to oust Kevin McCarthy after Capitol riot, reignites accusations in hot Cheney battle

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) called out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday and accused him of ignoring warnings of violence prior to the Jan. 6 Capitol […]

‘This is by design’: Tom Homan responds to ‘unbelievable’ footage of migrants crossing with help of US officials

Former ICE Director Tom Homan slammed the Biden administration’s “open borders” policies Tuesday on “Fox & Friends” after watching a stunning Fox News video that showed dozens […]

No wonder Dems seem so scared: Post-election data shows where Trump gained bulk of support

Former President Donald Trump has often been called a misogynist and a racist but according to a new analysis of post-2020 election data, most of his support […]

Farmer shares photo of five abandoned migrant girls under 7, predicts ‘a lot of suffering this summer’

Just because the largely corrupt national media stopped reporting on the crisis on the southern border doesn’t mean the problem went away. In fact, it may be […]

NY Times writer calls out CDC for ‘misleading’ and deceptive stat on outdoor COVID risk

A writer for the New York Times is disputing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistic regarding the likelihood of becoming infected with COVID-19 while outdoors, […]

Texas AG releases scathing statement against Plano police chief for allowing ‘BLM militants’ to rule the streets

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ripped Plano’s black police chief in response to an incident that occurred in the city on May 2, where a group of […]

Surreal and scary scenes as Palestinian rocket attacks invite heavy Israeli response in second day of fighting

Israel responded with airstrikes against suspected militant positions in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday following a second day of indiscriminate rocket attacks targeting cities and civilians in […]

Tucker demands to know why there’s no ‘criminal investigation’ into Fauci’s role in COVID pandemic

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is making some very uncomfortable allegations concerning Dr. Fauci, his involvement with the Wuhan lab and the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, […]

‘Fair Questions’ With Matt Bailey

On today’s “Fair Questions,” host Matt Bailey takes a look at the sudden decision of government officials to permit dining and entertainment to reopen at 100% capacity. […]

‘You’re next’: Romney gets an earful after warning Cheney removal will cost Republicans votes

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah on Monday predicted that removing Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position as the House Republican Conference chair will cost the […]

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