Tommy’s Garage – Combating Wokeism One Saturday Night At A Time

It’s that time of the week again — here comes another fantastic and hilarious episode of “Tommy’s Garage,” the conservative alternative to the left-wing ‘comedy’ shows on […]

Tucker lets ‘woke’ military have it: ‘The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles’

In Friday’s opening monologue of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, he stated that a new “diversity and inclusion plan” put out by the Special Operations Command is […]

Wine About It
‘Wine About It’ with Erin Elmore

The premiere episode of “Wine About It” debuts on BizPac Review with chilled wine and thought-proving discussion on some of the latest hot topics. Host Erin El […]

Michigan GOP claims they can sidestep Gov Whitmer and ensure ‘fair, safe, and open’ elections in 2022

Michigan Republicans have introduced a whole slew of proposed election reforms and they believe they have a veto-proof way to sidestep Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to ensure […]

‘Winning at all costs’: Sen. Tim Scott rails Dems over crying ‘racist’ to get their way

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott criticized Democrats over their support for ditching the long-standing filibuster rule now that they essentially control all of Congress and the White House […]

Maher: Parents are afraid to go against woke public schools and that’s worth talking about

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on ! Left-wing comedian Bill Maher and a panel of guests to aim Friday on HBO’s “Real Time” at the clear-cut radical indoctrination occurring […]

Media asked vaccinated Cruz to wear a mask, but stay mum when Psaki sneezes into hand at briefing

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on ! A day after members of the establishment press made a fuss over Sen. Ted Cruz speaking before them unmasked, they said nothing […]

Parents blast ‘kid pro quo’ school campaign-for-credit scheme by NYC mayoral candidate

New York City parents reacted angrily to a pitch from mayoral candidate Eric Adams offering students school credits in exchange for working on his campaign effort. Parents […]

McConnell demands businesses stop donating to Dems who oppose Iowa election results

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in unison with GOP senators is throwing down the gauntlet and demanding that corporations stop donating to Democrats who are brazenly trying […]

MLB may consider moving All-Star game out of Georgia over new voter ID measure

Major League Baseball officials are mulling over an option to pull this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta after the GOP-led Georgia legislature passed, and Republican Gov. […]

‘We are now living in an oligarchy’: NY becomes first state to implement a vaccine passport

Friday, New York became the first state in the nation to launch a “vaccine passport” called the Excelsior Pass which utilizes an app to scan a QR […]

Warren vows to bust up Amazon so they can’t ‘heckle senators with snotty tweets’ during Twitter feud

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on ! Much like a dictator, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears convinced that businesses shouldn’t have the right to criticize her with so-called “snotty […]

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