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Tommy’s Garage – Combating Wokeism One Saturday Night At A Time

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It’s that time of the week again — here comes another fantastic and hilarious episode of “Tommy’s Garage,” the conservative alternative to the left-wing ‘comedy’ shows on cable TV.

“The Big News,” the show’s opening segment, begins with host Tommy Adkins and his crew of funny folks taking a much different, and oh-so-politically incorrect look at several of the week’s top topics including the sad shooting in Boulder, Colo., in which a “white man” who turned out to be a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with the crimes.

“I really wish the FBI would have had some sort of warning…oh, wait,” quipped show regular Reed Becker.

Comedian Sam Greisbaum went on to point out that the liberal left is demanding more gun checks and magazine bans in the wake of the shooting, but in fact, Colorado already has those laws in place. What’s more, he notes sardonically that the alleged shooter still passed a background check despite being a “person of interest” to the FBI!

Later, Tommy and the crew lampooned President Joe Biden’s first press conference, noting his frequent stumbles and missteps.

“I’m gonna say it’ll last four questions because that’s how long the methamphetamines last!” Adkins declared.

From there, the subjects turn to funny stuff regarding how French Bulldogs have taken over the world of dog shows (you’ll want to watch for the Hillary Clinton moment — oh yes!); the Georgetown University basketball team’s spanking after taking a knee before their March Madness game; gags over the new childrens’ book about Dr. Anthony Fauci; and much more including Senorita Fuego, The Professionals, the Bigot Lottery, and the United Spot’s hilarious weekly summary.

“Tired of those liberal ‘comedy’ shows? Let’s face it…liberals just aren’t funny.  Ever. Well, finally! There’s a comedy show for conservatives!” says the show’s website.

“Every week, the crew at Tommy’s Garage finds the long list of knuckleheads and fools. And skewers them. With flaming hot comedy. From a conservative-libertarian perspective, of course. So? Buckle up and hit the gas! Tommy’s Garage is waiting for you!”

Check out the latest episode and do your friends a favor by letting them in on the Tommy’s Garage phenom.

Jon Dougherty


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