Cheeseburger in Hell: Woman buried on TikTok for walking out on date who refused $3 slice of cheese

So, here’s a pro tip for all you ladies on the dating app scene: If you’re on a first date and you think the guy is such […]

‘One more time!’ Tucker gets lessons on the ‘Kamala Kackle’ from spot-on impersonator

While not the first spot-on impersonation of Vice President Kamala Harris, a woman appearing Thursday night on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” had the vice president’s trademark […]

Two elderly D.C. neighbors in legal battle over smoking pot

Just as consumers of marijuana were beginning to enjoy their legal status and the medical benefits that come with it, a lawsuit in Washington D.C. is threatening […]

Iowa sports reporter forced to report on snow storm goes viral for hilariously sarcastic coverage

A sports reporter in Iowa was none too pleased that he had been asked to cover the impending winter storm that’s sweeping down on the country in […]

Hilarious mock ‘DNC ad’ brutally hammers Biden: ‘Sad because it’s true’

A “truth-filled” ad is making the rounds on and it would have been a realistic plug for Democrats during President Biden’s “Saving Democracy” speech, which was […]

Hilarious ‘Californians move to Texas’ video series from The Babylon Bee is crushing it!

Individuals and businesses alike have felt the damaging consequences of progressive policies eroding the economy and public safety. Even after they move on like locusts from a […]

Marshawn Lynch drops ‘mother’ of F-bombs during ESPN interview… and then drops ‘sh*t’ to clean up

Former NFL star Marshawn Lynch has never been a man who shies away from speaking what’s on his mind with his words often generously peppered with profanity […]

‘This is fire’: If AOC thought the anti-war hecklers at her town hall were bad, wait until she opens Twitter

After a humiliating town hall for which few people showed up and “rude” anti-war activists heckled her, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) faced scorn from for […]

Easily offended slam ‘Try Guys’ SNL sketch over Ned Fulmer cheating scandal, say show missed the point

Saturday Night Live is getting slammed by people over a parody of a “Try Guys” video that addressed former member Ned Fulmer’s cheating scandal, with critics claiming […]

Gutfeld on women getting ‘woke infection’ while men go right, tells conservative females…this is your moment!

On Thursday’s edition of Fox News’s “Gutfeld!”, Greg Gutfeld called out a curious — some would say “disturbing” — trend happening in the United States: According to […]

Peter Doocy: Nobody f**ks with a Biden? Well, OPEC just did

During a segment about OPEC+ rejecting President Joe Biden’s request to not cut oil production, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy managed to work in a […]

Tulsi Gabbard raises eyebrows with piping ‘HOT’ firearm video, sends Twitter into frenzy

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard posted a video compilation of her training with firearms, and had a lot to say about it. “Slow is smooth, smooth is […]

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