Trump revokes his own ‘drain the swamp’ executive order on his way out

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF President Donald Trump reved an executive order he signed in the early days of his presidency, which banned administration officials from becoming lobbyists within […]

Classical ballet gets ‘woke’ with gender fluidity, will never be the same again

William Shakespeare authored some of the world’s most enduring works of literature, many of which contained unforgettable female characters, including Lady MacBeth, Juliet, Desdemona, among others. But […]

Unapologetic James Comey defends his inexcusable actions

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUTWeThePeople.storefor best SWAG! Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the […]

WaPo columnist, CNN analyst calls for shutting down Fox News ‘as we do with foreign terrorist groups’

Columnist, Never-Trumper, and CNN global affairs analyst, Max Boot, has written an op-ed for the Washington Post that calls for conservative cable news outlets such as Fox […]

Bernie steals show from Biden and social distancing is officially dead. Inauguration in a nutshell.

Joe Biden is now the president and the next four years offer so much promise – with Biden’s gaffes, half- or no-truths and anecdotes of consorting with […]

Martyr Shep Smith takes revenge shots at Fox News: ‘I don’t know how some people sleep at night’

Timing is everything in media and former Fox anchor Shepard Smith knows just when to use that to his advantage. He now works for CNBC and decided […]

Moe Davis calls GOP Rep. Cawthorn an ‘American terrorist,’ guiltier than Gitmo inmates

Failed Dem candidate calls for ‘domestic war’ on ‘terrorists’ like his opponent, GOP Rep. Cawthorn Feeling their oats now that President Trump is out, Democrats are engaging […]

Noor bin Laden defends Trump supporters and false links to ISIS: ‘All these lies must stop’

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT WeThePeople.storefor best SWAG! Noor bin Laden, the niece of deceased Sept. 11 […]

Katie Pavlich asks about due process after 12 Natl Guard soldiers are pulled from inauguration duty

Out of the 25,000-plus members of the National Guard in Washington, D.C., to help with security during Joe Biden’s inauguration, twelve soldiers were removed after a screening […]

Pro-Trump super PAC rebrands to takedown Biden-Harris, ‘save America’

A super PAC that supported President Trump on the 2020 campaign trail is changing its direction to address the incoming president, Joe Biden. The Committee to Defend […]

Purge can go both ways: Michigan GOP boots Biden-certifying election official

Conservatives are justified to be concerned and angry over the left’s current language about “deprogramming,” either “truth and reconciliation” or 9/11-style commissions to investigate them, and other […]

Stephen King takes sexist jab at Kayleigh McEnany: ‘enjoy your next job as cocktail waitress’

Horror author extraordinaire Stephen King was the recipient of massive backlash on Tuesday after he to an openly sexist jab at outgoing White House Press Secretary […]

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