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Stephen King takes sexist jab at Kayleigh McEnany: ‘enjoy your next job as cocktail waitress’

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Horror author extraordinaire Stephen King was the recipient of massive backlash on Twitter Tuesday after he took an openly sexist jab at outgoing White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

It backfired impressively as he ended up insulting several of his fans in the process by demeaning waitresses. He eventually apologized… to waitresses.

McEnany, a conservative firebrand, said her goodbyes on Tuesday and shared a statement on Twitter to the public, saying, “Serving as @PressSec has been a true honor! At the podium, I had the great privilege of sharing stories of the forgotten men and women of America – stories the media too often ignores. Thank you for allowing me to speak on your behalf.”

King snarked back at her, “Enjoy your next job as a cocktail waitress in Tampa.”

Immediately, King was slammed on Twitter for what a number of people saw as a ‘sexist’ remark that was in bad taste.

One commenter took King to task epically for his elitist slap, “I wish people that claimed to love the working class did a better job of hiding their disdain for them.”

Members of the service industry entered the fray as well, taking offense to the perceived insult to waitresses.

“Are you implying that there is something ‘lowly’ about being a cocktail waitress???” one commenter asked him.

Another tweeted, “Because being a waitress is….? What was that? Something wrong with being a waitress? Did I waste 30 yrs of my life to end up 53 with a paid for house and car and no credit card debt? Well f*** me I have some books to rethink. Feels like losing another hero Mr King.”

Many were just offended by the remark period. One commenter replied, “God, youre such a s***ty person. Regret ever buying your books, and I’m not even a Trump guy.”

Another added, “Seriously? Twitter has truly shown me the true hearts of people as well as the heartless. I love your stories but your heart is cold as ice. Damn.”

King tried to do damage control and apologize to waitresses, tweeting, “I apologize to waitresses—cocktail and otherwise—everywhere. It was a dumb crack.” He’s evidently not sorry for swiping at McEnany, though.

McEnany didn’t stoop to responding to King. And many people noticed. It was a wise move not to take – she let King’s words speak for themselves.

National Review’s Kyle Smith quickly pointed out that McEnany had at least a decent spirit.

She posted a series of tweets on Tuesday night as she finished her final day in office. She also shared a tweet about her daughter who was with her in her chamber on Tuesday night. “Blessed to have spent my last night in the West Wing with #BabyBlake! She even signed the Press Secretary desk before we departed the White House for the last time,” she tweeted.

Stephen King has frequently engaged in disparaging President Trump and those who surround him including McEnany. These tweets are yet one more indication of deep hatred and bias towards Trump and conservatives in general.


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