‘He’s Broke’: Van Jones rebrands Biden as a ‘Dead Man Walking’

It appears left-wing CNN commentator Van Jones has had it with former front-runner Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s lackluster campaign for office. Speaking Friday morning on CNN’s […]

Selective memory Joe strikes again: Biden says he ‘became a professor’ after departing the White House

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden seemed to be struggling with his selective memory again at a campaign event in South Carolina. The former vice president told his Georgetown […]

MSNBC guest accuses Chris Matthews of belittling, sexist behavior that hurt her career

Columnist Laura Bassett revealed that the cable news host who sexually harassed her a few years back is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. The freelance journalist and GQ columnist […]

Roger Stone’s colorful video deposition: ‘You can run back to the judge like a little b****!’

Unbeknownst to most in the public, convicted former Trump campaign official Roger Stone has been dealing with a spate of libel cases behind closed doors. All of […]

Dan Crenshaw’s response to Pete Davidson saying he was forced to apologize for ‘SNL’ joke

“I can’t get out of Pete Davidson’s head,” cracked Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Davidson had made news again when he whined during his Netflix special: “So I made […]

FACT CHECK: Did Henry Kissinger declare Trump ‘the one true leader in world affairs’?

Brad Sylvester, DCNF  A viral Facebook post claims former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said, among other favorable statements, that President Donald Trump “is the one true leader in […]

trump south carolina rally al sharpton van jones
Trump touts black support, mocks race-baiter Al Sharpton at South Carolina rally

President Trump proudly touted his criminal-justice reforms and slammed CNN’s Van Jones for crediting MSNBC’s race-baiting host Al Sharpton for getting the legislation passed. Trump signed the First […]

Chris Matthews confuses Tim Scott and Jaime Harrison in week’s MOST awkward TV moment

Longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews may want to start polishing up his resume, because on Friday he committed his third major faux pas in less than seven days […]

Vindication! Historic ruling on Don McGahn testimony BLOWS UP impeachment obstruction claim

President Trump was handed a legal victory as a federal appeals court ruled that former White House counsel Don McGahn does not have to comply with a congressional subpoena. […]

Oregon grade-school closes for ‘deep cleaning’ after employee’s presumptive positive for coronavirus

In an apparent case of community transmission, an elementary school employee in Oregon was announced to be the state’s first presumptive case of novel coronavirus in the […]

‘New hoax,’ Trump says; Dems were too busy with impeachment as he was preparing for Coronavirus

President Donald Trump and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney both believe that the outrage over coronavirus being directed at the administration by both congressional Democrats […]

ngela rye slams black trump supporters don lemon
CNN’s Angela Rye gets ‘crazy,’ trashes black Trump supporters: ‘Shame on you!’

CNN commentator Angela Rye — a virulent left-wing Trump-hater — slammed black Trump supporters like Diamond and Silk, Pastor Mark Burns, and Trump 2020 campaign adviser Katrina […]