EBT cards used for luxury five star resorts, plane tickets, other fraud

Government assistance payees have been whipping out EBT cards at luxury resorts, using taxpayer money to live it up. The Boston Herald conducted an investigation and uncovered millions of […]

WaPo attacks gorgeous, elegant Melania Trump’s ‘ridiculous’ fashion

The Washington Post was buried in an avalanche of backlash for a petty attack on Melania Trump and her “ridiculous” jacket. The newspaper’s fashion critic Robin Givhan […]

Off duty cop violently beaten by group of teens at the mall after assisting woman victim

An off-duty police officer was violently assaulted on Black Friday by a group of teenagers after assisting a woman whose phone had been stolen. An Emeryville, California […]

Peloton Christmas ad causes crazy freakout, wild debate!

Yes, we have reached that point in post-Obama America that a man buying his wife an exercise bike is verboten, lest he is called a cad or […]

Trump unloads to world about ‘deranged maniac’ Adam Schiff on overseas trip

President Trump minced no words in his comments on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, calling him a “maniac” and a “deranged human being.” The president tore into the […]

Elizabeth Warren announces inauguration outfit details. People start seeing pink.

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary comes down to who can appeal more to the radical, hard-left base of the party. The battle pits Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., […]

How the FBI risked exposing sensitive Russia probe details during meeting with Christopher Steele

Chuck Ross, DCNF   During a meeting in Rome in October 2016, FBI agents shared a sensitive piece of information with a subcontractor for the Democratic Party about […]

Tense presser matches egos: Trump asks Macron, ‘would you like some nice ISIS fighters?’

President Trump asked French President Emmanuel Macron if he would like to take back “some nice ISIS fighters” during a tense meeting before reporters. The two leaders appeared […]

‘The View’ divas can’t wrap heads around ‘cruel’ food stamp cuts: ‘40% of recipients are white people’

The liberal co-hosts of “The View” raised the alarm over the Trump administration’s “cruel” efforts to cut back on food stamps. Wondering aloud just what could be […]

CNN’s White House reporter calls Melania’s choice to wear pantsuits ‘resistance signaling’

To hear CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett tell it, President Donald Trump “prefers women to dress” a certain way and first lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices […]

GOP Governor Kemp won’t come on Hannity’s show to defend controversial pick for open Senate seat

It appears that embattled Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp refuses to explain to the American people why he’s planning to appoint an abortion-linked Mitt Romney fan to succeed incumbent […]

Trump’s new Bloomberg nickname has Elizabeth Warren on the defense

President Donald Trump bestowed a new nickname upon Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg hours after announcing the Trump 2020 campaign would no longer issue press credentials to his […]

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