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Peloton Christmas ad causes crazy freakout, wild debate!

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Yes, we have reached that point in post-Obama America that a man buying his wife an exercise bike is verboten, lest he is called a cad or worse.

A Christmas ad for a Peloton exercise bike had social media users in an uproar.

In the spot, a beautiful, incredibly fit woman is seen coming down the stairs holding a small child’s hand while covering her eyes with her other hand.

When a man we presume to be her husband tells her to look, she removes her hand and happily exclaims, “A Peloton?!?”

A montage is then shown of her using the bike over the course of a year, concluding with her saying, “A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me.”

“Thank you.” she then tells her husband, who was watching the documentation on video.

Never mind that she looked just as fit the day she received the exercise bike as a gift.

Vice called the ad “a 30-second tale of one woman’s desperate journey into wellness hell,” insisting that the spot is “absolutely not OK.”

“Her grim motivation that pushes her to drag herself out of bed combined with exclaiming at the camera how blatantly, inexplicably nervous the Peloton makes her paint a bleak portrait of a woman in the thrall of a machine designed to erode her spirit as it sculpts her quads,” wrote Vice staff writer Katie Way. “Titled ‘The Gift That Gives Back,’ the 30-second commercial is a mere glimpse into the barrage of horror its protagonist, a young wife and mother, slogs through daily.”

Social media went into overdrive commenting on the Peloton ad.

“Nothing says ‘maybe you should lose a few pounds’ like gifting your already rail-thin life partner a Peloton,” tweeted the Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi.

But then, to taking offense is an equal opportunity occasion in today’s woke society, which prompted rail-thin skinny people to protest:

Comedian Eva Victor did a hilarious parody video of the ad, ripping the poor husband to shreds as she asks what message does it send to buy an exercise bike.

*Caution: Strong Language

As seen above, it wasn’t just the husband taking heat, as the woman came under fire for being a little too committed to being healthy. One thing is certain, with the advent of social media we’ll never be the same.

Here’s a sampling of other responses.

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