Pelosi’s ‘new’ answer to lowering drug prices? More government

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a new plan on Thursday to lower drug prices in the United States and — not surprisingly — the Democrats’ answer to […]

No booze! AOC whines — vows to block Total Wine in her district

Seven months after socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped tank New York’s deal with Amazon, the radical freshman is now reportedly plotting to prevent a popular nationwide alcohol retailer […]

Chelsea Handler’s documentary bashes her over white privilege

Comedian Chelsea Handler is the latest woke Hollywood celebrity to call herself to task on her white privilege. Handler faced her past and her position as a […]

Baltimore restaurant at war with PC cops over dress code

A restaurant in Baltimore is finding out even something as innocuous as a dress code can get you in trouble with the politically correct crowd. In a […]

Shaq breaks awkward meter, pushy flirtation with sexy host makes her squirm

Shaquille O’Neal threw political correctness to the wind in an uncomfortable interview with a young, beautiful host. The NBA legend sat for an interview with E! News’ […]

Laura Ingraham fights Dems’ war on men; applauds ‘heterosexual, strong, aggressive’ alphas

Laura Ingraham called out the current cultural battle to “make men feel guilty about being men” as she blasted the “toxic masculinity” idea that is infecting society. […]

Sinema proud of bipartisanship, responds to Dems punishing her for accommodating Trump

Despite a lengthy history of trashing Republicans as veritable meth-smoking crazies, among other things, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has actually proven herself to be a surprisingly level-headed, […]

Jesse Watters: ‘Conservative media is basically saving this country’

Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters reamed today’s mainstream media for its widespread reckless reporting. The hosts of “The Five” were discussing a scathing report […]

Matt Drudge declares, ‘It’s Elizabeth Warren’s nomination to lose’

Matt Drudge has apparently made the call, claiming Elizabeth Warren will get the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination, unless she blows it. He was apparently impressed by the […]

MSNBC hosts turn Hannity, Ingraham handoff into ‘hide under a table, scary family fight’

As Fox News host Sean Hannity handed the “microphone” over to his colleague Laura Ingraham late Tuesday evening for their daily ritual show handoff, the two briefly […]

jerry nadler nancy pelosi impeachment
Nancy Pelosi warns Jerry Nadler’s posse to back off impeachment: ‘Feel free to leak this’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — the leader of the flailing Democratic Party — slammed Jerry Nadler (the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) for rabidly […]

Beverly Hills brawl: Violence erupts between protesters and Trump supporters

President Trump’s attendance at a Southern California fundraising event sparked a clash between his supporters and protesters who tried to set a U.S. flag on fire. Several fights […]