House showdown: Temporary spending bill passed to avoid shutdown

The House of Representatives passed an interim spending bill on Thursday in an effort to avoid a government shutdown. Without the spending bill, the government would have […]

Flag flop: Rep. Tlaib says she will fly altered flag to support DC statehood

Michigan Democrat Representative and “squad” member Rashida Tlaib proved just how little the American flag means to her by promising to display an altered version of it […]

Melania’s White House makeover earns rave reviews for taste, elegance

America’s popular first lady is bringing her impeccable style and elegance to the White House. President Trump and wife Melania are getting ready to host their second […]

‘View’s’ Joy Behar: Murderers, pimps, behave better than Trump officials

Joy Behar claims she knows “murderers and pimps” who act better than Corey Lewandowski and Brett Kavanaugh. “The View” co-host went into her rant following Lewandowski’s testimony […]

Trump signs border wall as tour whips up excitement. With a Sharpie, of course.

While the left is perpetually living in meltdown mode, President Trump is having the time of his life — and getting things done. Coming off the heels […]

Peter Thiel Trump 2020
Billionaire PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel torches socialism, backs Trump

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel sounded the alarm on the dangers of socialism and warned Americans to remain vigilant about the failed ideology creeping into the United States. The […]

Selena Gomez works series that humanizes illegals, denying costs to U.S.

Selena Gomez is stepping out of her music and acting career to produce a docuseries on the “courageous people” who are living illegally in the Unites States. The […]

J-Lo’s ‘Hustlers’ glorifies drugging, stealing from ‘pathetic’ Wall Street men

Actress Jennifer Lopez’s attempt to glorify a group of real-life strippers who hoodwinked, lied to, stole from and drugged wealthy Wall Street-affiliated men for their money has […]

Critics blast new ‘Rambo’ as racist, pro-Trump for daring to show border violence

Critics are branding the new “Rambo” movie as racist because it dares to depict the actual violence that takes place on the Unites States’ southern border. “Rambo: […]

Crowded in Liz Warren’s head: NYC says she told whopper about crowd size

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign seems to be having a problem with numbers. It seems truthfully counting crowd sizes has become a challenge for the Massachusetts Democrat as […]

IG report: FBI insiders shocked after Comey leaked docs to cover himself

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horwitz revealed on Wednesday that he had referred disgraced former FBI director James Comey for criminal prosecution. The referral came earlier this […]

Charges dropped against man who fled Antifa attack in truck

After facing a two-year-long smear campaign by far-left activists and their media counterparts, Oregon man Billy Wilson, 33, has had charges dismissed against him for the legally justified […]

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