MSNBC hosts turn Hannity, Ingraham handoff into ‘hide under a table, scary family fight’

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As Fox News host Sean Hannity handed the “microphone” over to his colleague Laura Ingraham late Tuesday evening for their daily ritual show handoff, the two briefly play-fought and teased one another. Though it was clearly playful bickering, two folks at MSNBC chose to make an issue out of it.

Enter MSNBC host Chris Hayes, a “journalist” who’s previously been accused of practicing “stupid logic,” spreading wild conspiracy theories and being ignorant of American history.

Fast-forward to Tuesday evening, when Hayes replayed the clip of Hannity and Ingraham seemingly feuding and then took time out of his broadcast to deliver comments about it.

“Sometimes it feels like there’s a competition over at Trump TV to see who can be the most shameless toady for the White House,” he said.

“Now I’m a little worried that competition may be straining the relationships between the good friends hosting the shows over there. Last night there was a bit of an incident and you can tell they’re good TV friends because they keep smiling as they saw awful stuff to each other.”


Source: MSNBC

Considering that MSNBC spent eight years sycophantly praising former President Barack Hussein Obama — to the point that even one of the network’s own former officials described it as the “official network of the Obama White House” — it’s unclear what room Hayes has to accuse Fox News of being “Trump TV.” Especially given the network’s plethora of anti-Trump personalities.

Now enter Hayes’ colleague Rachel Maddow, a “journalist” who’s previously been accused of perpetrating “false and malicious libel,” sharing fake news and being “profoundly irresponsible.”

As Hayes handed the “microphone” over to Maddow in their own daily ritual show handoff, the two took time out of their day to have a whole discussion about Hannity and Ingraham’s play-fighting.

“Chris, I promise in all the time you and I share adjacent shows on this TV network we will never have a crossover like the one you just played from Fox,” Maddow said.

“My god. My god!” Hayes hollered in dizzying agreement.

But you nailed the thing that was scariest about it,” Maddow continued, “which was the distance between the facial expressions and the conversation. I mean, that was like hide under a table, this is a scary family fight.”

“That’s exactly what it was! It had real family fight vibes to it,” Hayes concurred. “I hope everyone is making up and making amends.”

“Yes. I want the best for everybody, if only because I feel afraid by proxy,” Maddow said.


Now here’s a brief transcript of the discussion between Hannity and Ingraham:

Hannity: “Can I lodge a complaint, am I allowed?”

Ingraham: “Sure.”

Hannity: “I’m watching the president’s speech in New Mexico last night. I wanted to see the ending. You cut to your debate early! Sorry. I love watching your show too.”

Ingraham: “Is that the White House speaking or is that you?”

Hannity: “No, that’s Sean Hannity speaking.”

Ingraham: “I couldn’t tell. I’m just teasing.”

Hannity: “The point is that we were right at the crescendo. Imagine a great work of Bach or Mozart, and then you’re about to crescendo.”

Ingraham: “Got it. Got it. You know what we used to say in the courtroom? I’ll take that under advisement. But I got an idea: You handle your hour; I’ll handle my hour.”

Hannity: “Now Laura’s going to take it personally.”

Ingraham: “Don’t try to boss me around in my hour, Hannity. I don’t boss you around in yours.”

Hannity: “And it was three minutes left in the speech! I had to find it online!”

Ingraham: “We love the president’s speeches, but he had hit the new points that we wanted to get across. And we had a fantastic panel to dissect what we’re going to talk about now.”

Hannity: “Laura, you always have a great show.”

Ingraham: “Well, it’s good to see you.”

Watch below, and take note of the smiles and laughter:

Source: Fox News

The two had been playing around. In fact, they have a history of doing as such.

Flashback to last year, when, amid boycotts of Ingraham’s show launched by gun control zealot David Hogg, Hannity was suddenly outed as a client of disgraced attorney Michael Cohen.

On the same day that Hannity was outed, Ingraham playfully teased him during their show handoff, saying, “You’re like my brother, but I’m glad for like a millisecond the heat is off me and on you.”

“I appreciate that … that’s like a sibling,” Hannity replied, laughing. “I hope the heat’s on you, not me.”


This is called joking around and having a good time. To be fair to Hayes and Maddow, they were chuckling and having a good time as well when speaking about Hannity and Ingraham.

Vivek Saxena


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