Shaq breaks awkward meter, pushy flirtation with sexy host makes her squirm

Shaquille O’Neal threw political correctness to the wind in an uncomfortable interview with a young, beautiful host.

The NBA legend sat for an interview with E! News’ “Daily Pop” show, but couldn’t resist the urge to flirt with host Rocsi Diaz.

The segment started off innocently enough with O’Neal promoting his line of clothing for bigger-sized men such as himself which will be carried by JCPenny.

“Big guys don’t really have a lot of sexy outfits,” O’Neal complained, and as the interview progressed, he started doling out some flirtatious compliments to the sexy host.

When O’Neal was asked to perform some “flirty fun” and make a pouty face for the camera, the former NBA star gave the hosts what they asked for, and then some.

Looking directly at Diaz with his “sexy” face, O’Neal raised his eyebrows while mouthing “call me.”

Now, in the age of MeToo, this act should have sent O’Neal to the time out corner. But, nature prevailed and the giggly female hosts seemed to eat it up — at first.

“I’m lost,” a laughing Diaz said while asking O’Neal to make a “pouty” and “sad” face.

“I could never be sad and pouty with you sitting there … She’s always in my DM’s I just wanted you to know that.”

While the female hosts laughed and Diaz playfully protested “to tell the truth,” O’Neal kept it going, and going.

“I can tell you what she says,” O’Neal joked. Then he went in for the sexist, racial one-two punch.

“You know what she says?” he teased. “She says, even though I’m Spanish, you know I like that chocolate.”

The playful interview took a decidedly uncomfortable turn when a persistent O’Neal teased about having “sultry” pictures of the host as she tried in vain to move the interview along.

Shaq’s schtick seemed to be wearing thin on host Diaz, but she didn’t feel the love from liberal social media.

Needless to say, the strange segment is going viral and the focus of the story — big men clothes — was all but lost. Interestingly, a search of social media also shows that O’Neal is getting a pass for his highly unprofessional, and in any other circumstance, sexist ways.

While it should’ve been refreshing to see that the outrage mob didn’t come out in force, it’s only telling about selective outrage.

Just this week, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was hounded by the liberal media over extremely weak sexual misconduct allegations from decades ago. While the latest allegation against Kavanaugh, sparked by a piece in the New York Times, was clearly more serious than O’Neal’s playful banter, the fact that whole story was revealed to be little more than a liberal fairy tale, yet elicited swift and vitriolic condemnation from the left shouldn’t be ignored.

While the Time’s report has widely been condemned, its authors are out in force trying to keep the narrative alive. As BPR reported:

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, the New York Times reporters behind a controversial report about Kavanaugh published last weekend, claimed on Wednesday that they had to walk away from an interview with him because he allegedly asked them to write that he had declined to be interviewed for their book.

In other words, where there’s collective outrage, there’s a significant chance it’s following fake news.

As for the crazy Shaq interview that everyone’s talking about… the crazy double standard left at least one person confused:


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