Trump says he ditched Denmark leader to defend honor of United States: I am not Obama

A feud is heating up between President Donald Trump and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen over reports that Trump has been flirting with the idea of purchasing […]

The Mooch betrayal completed at party with Clintons and top Democrats in Martha’s Vineyard

Anthony Scaramucci’s disloyal turn against President Trump now has him rubbing elbows with Democratic elites. The former White House communications director, who infamously lasted only 11 days on […]

Gov. Gavin Newsom blames Texas for San Francisco’s homeless crisis

A former California Assemblyman is blasting Gov. Gavin Newsom for claiming Texas has played a part in the homeless crisis in his state. The former California lawmaker, Chuck […]

Administration will deny work visas to asylum seekers who enter country illegally, The Hill reports

The Trump administration is planning on issuing a rule that states those who enter the country illegally or are convicted of a felony will be denied work […]

Waiter’s compassion toward WWII veteran dining alone is viral breath of fresh air

In a time when Millennials offer little hope to feel good about the future, a story of a restaurant server’s treatment of a 91-year-old World War Two […]

Russian firm indicted by Mueller calls his bluff

The Russian consulting firm indicted by former special counsel Robert Mueller wants an April 2020 court date to answer the charges, which would come as the presidential […]

Head coach gets best revenge after Miami Dolphins kneeler slams Jay-Z’s deal with NFL

While rapper Jay-Z has received heavy criticism for his new deal with the NFL, it appears the sports league is not doubting the partnership one bit. Eight […]

Pro-Trump fmr illegal immigrant lived in shadows, now wants to unseat Dem incumbent in Michigan

Whittney Williams is likely to get a full dose of the left’s intolerance in the days to come as she represents what Democrats fear most in the […]

Facebook’s plan to hire journalists to pick news for users has conservatives terrified

Audrey Conklin, DCNF Facebook is currently accepting applications for a “small team” of “seasoned” journalists to help curate its new News Tab plan, which some have compared […]

‘Big Boy’ Biden takes out frustration on Fox News reporter

Joe Biden got pretty frustrated when he was recently fact-checked in real time by a Fox News reporter. “What I’m trying to do is go around from […]

Trump shares tweet, Jewish people ‘love him like he’s the King of Israel’

President Donald Trump is not backing off of his Tuesday comments about Jewish voters being “disloyal” to Israel if they vote Democrat. “You vote for a Democrat […]

Warren faces hostile actress, spotlight-stealing doppelganger and her Republican past

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s past party affiliation circled back on the campaign trail this week. Fans of the 2020 Democratic presidential contender may be surprised to know that […]

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