‘Big Boy’ Biden takes out frustration on Fox News reporter

Joe Biden got pretty frustrated when he was recently fact-checked in real time by a Fox News reporter.

“What I’m trying to do is go around from town to town and I’m drawing as big of crowds, or bigger than anybody,” Biden told gathered reporters in Iowa on Tuesday. “Have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me in this state?”

(Screenshot from Fox News)

This is when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy answered the former vice president with a simple, “yes.” Doocy said he saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., draw a bigger crowd when she visited Des Moines, Iowa, in January.

Biden was clearly a bit surprised and not at all pleased with being challenged. The 2020 hopeful predictably chalked up the disagreement to Fox News simply feeling a need to go after his flailing presidential campaign.

“The vice president didn’t seem to like that because a few minutes later, he singled me out,” Doocy recalled about the encounter while reporting on Fox News’ “Special Report.” Biden strangely defended himself by calling himself a “big boy.”

“I mean, I know you, I know you’re going to go after me no matter what I’ve got. Yeah, you and it’s OK. Good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it,” the former vice president reportedly said.

He then added, “And it’s OK, it’s good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. But … I notice you didn’t ask me why I’m ahead in all the polls still. I notice you didn’t ask me how I feel about the new CNN poll.”

Check out Doocy’s reporting on the interaction below:

Source: Fox News

The bizarre interaction and “I’m a big boy” comment is only the latest embarrassing moment for the Biden campaign. The 76-year-old candidate seems to be known at this point more for his gaffes than his policy decisions. For a quick refresher, you can click here, here, here, and here.

One of the liberal politician’s latest gaffes was misplacing the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy by a decade. This mistake came while he was speaking in Iowa.

“Just like in my generation, when I got out of school, when Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had been assassinated in the ’70s, the late ’70s when I got engaged … ,” he recently said to a crowd.

Kennedy and King were both killed in 1968.

Add to all of this the fact that Warren is quickly gaining on Biden in the polls and it all spells out trouble for the former vice president’s campaign.

A recent Fox News poll even shows Biden’s lead among Democratic primary voters shrinking by 10 percentage points from July to August. That is a dramatic drop and it indicates that Biden’s gaffes and downright bizarre comments are starting to take a toll on his campaign. He is very quickly losing the faith of Democratic primary voters, which should be concerning for a man who was vice president only a few years ago.

Biden may be trying to fight off criticism by saying he’s still leading in the polls, but it appears he’s barely hanging onto that lead.


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