Police get involved when creepy dolls suddenly appear everywhere in Missouri town

A town in Missouri is feeling uneasy in the wake of several unnerving finds recently. Residents in Festus have been encountering a wave of child-like dolls being […]

Elizabeth Warren unwisely unveils sweeping new policy proposals for American Indians

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made a really odd decision on Friday. The controversial senator released two policy proposals targeting American Indians, which would seem like a corner […]

Andy Ngo calls planned protests between Antifa and right-wing groups a ‘powder keg’

Journalist Andy Ngo doesn’t think Portland police are prepared to handle the potentially explosive confrontation between right-wing groups and so-called anti-fascists this weekend. The conservative journalist, who was brutally attacked while […]

Twitter muzzles Scaramucci as war with Trump escalates

There’ll be no fat-shaming in Jack Dorsey’s Twitter-verse… even if is Donald Trump. Apparently. Former Trump White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has been put in Twitter […]

Border Patrol arrests Mexican convicted child rapist and French fugitive on the lam for murder

While the left continues to beat the drum for open borders, U.S. Border Patrol agents have been working hard to protect American families from criminals illegally entering […]

Trump’s controversial retweeting spree contains hard and uncomfortable truths

President Donald Trump revealed in two retweets Thursday that he believes both the Parkland massacre and disgraced former USA Gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of […]

Everything you need to know to climb out of poverty, from a former poor person

OPINION: John Hawkins I’ve been poor. Bouncing a check for a $20 pizza poor. Sleeping in an elevator for a night when I was out of town […]

Pete Hegseth’s wedding plans could make liberal heads explode

Outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and “Fox & Friends” weekend cohost Pete Hegseth is having a wedding that will no doubt be triggering plenty of leftists […]

New York Times reportedly held pow-wow on narrative shift after ‘Russia collusion’ died

The New York Times, a 167-year old news outlet that purports to provide fair and balanced coverage despite its proven track record of pushing left-wing narratives plucked straight […]

Nothing but love for Trump from supporter mistakenly ‘fat-shamed,’ even gets a call from POTUS!

Frank Dawson is still a big fan of President Donald Trump. Even though the president did call him overweight and tell him to “go home” at Thursday night’s […]

Radical feminists unapologetically discuss aborting babies simply because they’re boys

Hard-left feminists are sometimes called femi-nazis, and a glance at a recent Reddit discussion about aborting baby boys offers a little insight into why critics choose to go […]

If latest Iowa poll is any indication, Biden could be in trouble

A new Iowa poll from Change Research contains good news for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and some concerning news for former VP Joe Biden, who is still […]

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