Sen. Sherrod Brown along side Dayton mayor shamefully turns Trump visit into a political weapon

Leftist don’t seem to actually be listening to President Donald Trump’s words because they are painting him as a villain in the aftermath of the Dayton, Ohio […]

Castro accidentally names and shames one of his OWN donors on Trump target list

As a congressman, you have to be pretty tone-deaf to think that publishing the names and employers of those who donate to your political opponent is a […]

Mika Brzezinski: ‘Isn’t it okay to deduce that at this point’ mass murder is what Trump wants

As impossible as it sounds, the left’s reaction to a pair of shootings over the weekend is almost more egregious than the killings themselves. With 31 people […]

Gowdy scoffs at ‘unfit’ Strzok: Mueller was the one who fired him, no one to blame but himself

Former congressman Trey Gowdy thinks ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok is targeting the wrong people in his lawsuit. The former South Carolina Republican and current Fox News contributor […]

Unrepentant Castro shamelessly defends doxxing of Trump donors, but ‘I didn’t create the graphic’

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) is in hot water after tweeting a graphic that revealed the information of donors to President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign within San Antonio. […]

Appeals court rules Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against NY Times is back on

Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against The New York Times is back on, two years after a lower court judge dismissed the case. On Tuesday, the 2nd Circuit […]

US military lab studying Ebola and plague is shut down over fears of contaminating wastewater

A military lab studying diseases like Ebola and the plague has been shut down by the government amid fears over contamination and safety. The Centers for Disease Control […]

Horse-mounted Texas officers escort handcuffed black man with a rope; police chief responds

A photo of two horse-mounted Texas police officers escorting a handcuffed black man through the streets in the city of Galveston has been causing quite a stir […]

It’s not just Trump being blamed, competing networks use shootings to suggest silencing Fox News

Fox News remains in the cross-hairs of the radical left in the wake of two shootings last weekend that claimed the lives of 31 people. …the criticism […]

Judicial Watch records show 14 FBI officials leaked sensitive or classified info; some barely punished

Through a Freedom of Information Act request filed in January, the watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained proof that 10 of 14 FBI employees who were referred […]

Actor Jon Voight defends Trump against the ‘angered left: Racism was ‘solved long ago’

Actor Jon Voight is defending President Donald Trump from accusations of racism. In a new video posted to his Twitter account, the “Ray Donovan” star said the […]

Napolitano pushes back against proposed ‘red flag’ laws: ‘Soviet Union model, not the American model’

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently appeared on “Fox & Friends” and he pushed back against people who may be too open to new gun legislation following the mass […]

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