Macy’s pulls ‘fat-shaming’ plates after handful of blue-check Twitter accounts complain it’s ‘offensive’

Macy’s quickly pulled a product from shelves after an outcry from the left warned about encouraging eating disorders. The retailer’s dinner plates, made by a brand called Pourtions, […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg facing mass mutiny back home as officers claim they receive no support

It’s hard enough to be a police officer in 2019 America, where it is now acceptable to assault LEOs for simply doing their jobs as we saw […]

Giuliani rips into ‘retrogressive, completely lazy’ de Blasio over water attacks on NYC officers

Rudy Giuliani torched New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as a “disgrace” after videos surfaced of New York City police officers being harassed and attacked. The […]

Major D.C. suburb issues executive order to block local officials from cooperating with ICE

  An astounding new order in a D.C. suburb in Maryland is banning government officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement officers. Montgomery County officials are now officially […]

Trump blasts ‘crazed lunatic’ Tlaib, as Turning Point USA crowd offers new take on ‘The Squad’

MAGA hat-wearing students at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit have appropriated the name given the four radical-left freshman Democrats in Congress. Forget about “the squad” of […]

Senate easily confirms new Defense Secretary, despite heated Elizabeth Warren protests

The Senate has officially voted to confirm President Trump’s Secretary of Defense pick Mark Esper with an end result of 90-8. Esper had been serving as the Army […]

Hannity plans to give GOP lawmakers a ‘tutorial’ on how to effectively grill Robert Mueller

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is set to appear before a joint committee in the House on Wednesday, ensuring the nation’s eyes will be on him as […]

MSNBC continues to perpetuate false rumor Fox News will not offer live coverage of Mueller testimony

Well, one way to compete with Fox News is to convince people that the network is not covering a certain event guaranteed to draw the eyes on […]

‘Vogue’s’ Anna Wintour ignores question on Melania Trump’s fashion, heaps praise on Michelle Obama instead

Having witnessed how the media and the fashion industry fawned over former first lady Michelle Obama, ignoring obvious flaws to accentuate the positive, such as her “tone” […]

Kellyanne Conway taunts media over AOC’s ‘ignorant’ call to abolish DHS: You may be afraid of her, I’m not

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway leveled a scathing rebuke of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “ignorant” call to abolish the Department of Homeland Security. Conway spoke […]

Trump shares heartwarming reunion thanks to prison reform. Sparks question, ‘If he was really racist…?’

Thanks to criminal justice reform efforts by President Donald Trump, a man whom both Democrats and their media allies insist is an unrepentant racist, thousands of black Americans […]

White House proposed new rule will cut 3.1M people from food stamp program

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials, the Trump administration will propose a rule Tuesday to reduce unwarranted access to food stamps, removing 3.1 million from […]

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