College dumps professor’s portrait of President Trump having sex because it’s ‘too controversial’

Rob Shimshock, DCNF A Florida college ditched a professor’s portrait of President Donald Trump having sex because it is “too controversial,” according to a Tuesday report. Polk […]

Retired sanitation worker defends his lavish $285K a year NYC pension … nothing to see here

“This is sweet for the retirees. A little bitter for the taxpayers,” 

Trump’s relationship to Billy Graham, in Tweets

On Tuesday, God did take Billy Graham away from the earth. It can certainly be said that he left it a better place.

‘Kill the NRA’: Anti-gun activists put up incendiary highway billboard after Parkland shooting

“Uh, the only way to “kill the NRA” is to take up weapons against it.”

William Shatner blasts Dem candidate using his photo in campaign newsletter: ‘Am I clear?’

“That implies endorsement which never will happen.”

Oh, the Joy-full irony: MSNBC news host tops the list of Russian trolls’ favorite pundits


Yale psychiatrist diagnoses ‘dangerous leader’ Trump: ‘Sexual aggression, incitement to violence”…

“Once you are no longer in that position, you will not be a danger.” HUH?

17-yr-old girl arrested for being the mastermind behind a staged carjacking

Appearances can be deceiving. Susan Mize, 17, was arrested in Texas over the weekend after police discovered she had orchestrated a robbery and car-jacking to which she […]

West Point accepts Parkland student’s application to military academy after his tragic death

Wang, along with Parkland victims Alaina Petty and Margin Duque, also will posthumously receive the US Army’s Medal of Heroism.

American evangelist Billy Graham dead at 99

The evangelist was hospitalized in November 2011 for the “evaluation and treatment of his lungs.”

Woman who took in Nikolas Cruz and his brother files for control of his reported $800,000 inheritance

Deschamps said she now cares for Zachary, but she said she kicked Nikolas after an argument.

Nancy Pelosi is in middle of grandstanding at Arizona townhall when question yelled from audience grinds it to a halt

Interestingly, a Twitter account run by Ex-Dem Latina claimed to be the heckler: