Woman who took in Nikolas Cruz and his brother files for control of his reported $800,000 inheritance

Rocxanne Deschamps, the Florida woman who took in Nikolas Cruz and his younger brother Zachary, filed court papers asking to be named the administrator of the reported $800,000 estate left by their adoptive mother, who died in November 2017.

Deschamps, 42, filed the documents in Florida’s Broward County Circuit Court one day after Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people in a Valentine’s Day shooting rampage, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

According to the filings, Nikolas, 19, and his brother Zachary, 18, are the sole beneficiaries of their adoptive mom Lynda Cruz, who died of pneumonia at age 68 in November 2017. The court filing says Lynda died without a will.

Nikolas had previously told James and Kimberly Snead (the family he stayed with during the three weeks preceding his shooting) that he stood to inherit $800,000 from his mom’s estate once he turned 22. Nikolas also told the Sneads that he suspected Rocxanne Deschamps was trying to steal his money.

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James and Kimberly Snead. (Photo: Facebook).

Despite being held on multiple murder charges, it’s possible Nikolas could still inherit the money. The court filings do not state the value of Lynda Cruz’s estate.

In her two-page court filing, Deschamps said she was a family friend of the Cruz brothers’ mom who took the boys in after Lynda died in November. Property records show the ladies were neighbors who lived on the same block.

Deschamps said she now cares for Zachary, but she said she kicked Nikolas after an argument. According to multiple press reports, Deschamps told Nikolas he could not have guns in her house; he refused to comply and left.

In another bizarre twist, it turns out that Rocxanne Deschamps has a mugshot stemming from a 2011 arrest for fraud and writing bad checks.

Rocxanne Deschamps

Last Friday (two days after the Parkland shooting), Deschamps had Zachary forcibly committed to a mental hospital to undergo psychiatric testing. It’s unclear if Zachary has been released yet.

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If a judge agrees to appoint Rocxanne Deschamps the administrator of the estate, she would be responsible for paying any outstanding debts and for distributing the money to Lynda Cruz’s heirs. Deschamps would not receive any of the assets herself, but could be paid a judge-approved administrative fee.

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