US Army awards JROTC Heroism medals to students killed in Parkland massacre


CNN panelist argues that the FBI left Nikolas Cruz alone because he’s a white supremacist

“We have a Muslim ban, d***it!

MSNBC anchor urges traumatized high school students to ‘take charge of things… sooner the better’

This is becoming a disturbing trend by the Left.

Trump challenges Pa. Republicans to take Congressional Map fight all the way to Supreme Court

The president won Pennsylvania during the 2016 election by less than a percentage point–the first Republican to take the state since 1988.

SG morning joe
MSNBC’s Scarborough finally admits likelihood of Trump being indicted is ‘next to zero’

That couldn’t have been easy.

The left’s new push in wake of Parkland massacre…lower voting age because teens have good ‘BS detectors’


‘Demented’: Jim Carrey tweets sick graphic cartoon of Trump and scattered student bodies

With the left in a lather following last week’s shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead, we see more erratic behavior from “funny […]

Ben Shapiro smacks down Kamala Harris and apologizes for California’s utter stupidity

We feel for you, Ben.

NFL star Ben Watson on shooting: ‘When you take faith out of the public arena, people suffer’

“Hold on. What are we as parents teaching our children?”

Supreme Court rejects challenge to CA’s gun purchase law – read Justice Thomas’ scathing dissent

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a blow to Second Amendment Advocates in a decision that prompted an extensive 14-page dissenting opinion from Justice Clarence Thomas. […]

CNN ‘conservative’ explodes at former Trump staffer: ‘I’m sick of you guys making excuses for him’

The CNN crowd apparently felt they had to remind us again how much they dislike President Trump’s tweeting. On Monday night, CNN commentator Tara Setmayer lashed out […]

Mike Rowe is asked to give his take after Florida massacre and doesn’t disappoint

“Your words are needed…”