CNN panelist argues that the FBI left Nikolas Cruz alone because he’s a white supremacist

Blatantly espousing racist rhetoric is a staple on the left and Symone Sanders lived up to that billing on Monday while discussing last week’s tragic shooting at a Florida high school.

Sanders, who served as national press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, was participating in a panel on CNN when she implied the FBI did not take action after a tip on the gunman, Nikolas Cruz, because he’s a white supremacist.

Never mind that reports to that nature have been debunked by law enforcement.

“All I want to say is had the Parkland shooter been black or brown, we wouldn’t be talking about the times of legislation we could or could not make happen,” Sanders said.

“Because if he was yelling ‘Allah Akbar!,’ Congress and the president, they would have been tweeting about it and they have swooped in and did whatever they felt was needed.”

Fellow panelist Bill Kristol responded by asking if gun laws were changed after the San Bernardino massacre, which was carried out by Islamic extremists.

“We have a Muslim ban, damnit! There’s a whole Muslim ban,” she countered.

When Kristol called Sanders out for demagogueing the issue to make it about race, she doubled down by attacking the FBI.

“I want to be very clear,” Sanders said.” White supremacists have slipped through the fingers of the FBI. Repeatedly. This is a pattern.”

“What I’m saying is there is a pattern,” she added. “We cannot ignore a pattern in this country.”

Sanders went on to claim that Cruz “trained with white supremacist paramilitary in Florida,” which appears to be a false statement — CNN host Jim Sciutto just sat there like a toad on a stump.

“Had these been black or brown people that had been training with the paramilitary in Florida, the FBI would have done something about it,” she insisted.

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