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Juanita Broaddrick lashes out at Meryl Streep and hits the Clintons with the same shot

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The woman who accused former President Bill Clinton of rape has now spoken out about the Harvey Weinstein controversy.

Juanita Broaddrick has responded to the statement made by actress Meryl Streep in which she decried Weinstein and distanced herself from him.

“Maybe now, Meryl, you can understand how wrong you were to support an enabler of a rapist husband. Wake up Hollywood!” she tweeted.

Despite working with Weinstein on several projects, Streep claimed she had no idea of his sexual harassment of women, even as it has been described as an open secret in Hollywood circles.

It was such an open secret that Tina Fey’s”30 Rock” joked about it in 2012.

Hollywood has come under fire for not speaking out about Weinstein, particularly considering the year-long obsession they have had with President Donald Trump over a secret audio recording in which he said women consented to being grabbed by rich, famous men.

They key part being the woman’s consent.

And yet they are stunningly silent as one of their own is accused of sexual harassment, and even rape.

Actress Rose McGowan has been exceedingly agitated by the lack of Hollywood response, even lashing out at her former “Charmed” costar Alyssa Milano.

At least Streep could be commended for saying something, but what took so long?

Broaddrick’s point remains the same. The majority of Hollywood, including Streep, had no issue supporting Hillary Clinton who enabled her husband, former President Bill Clinton’s treatment of women.

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