Naked & afraid: Mystery surrounds young woman who turned up after one month lost in the woods

“I’m just so thankful. I just praise God.”

‘The race baiting has to stop!’ Undeterred, former Trump diversity rep powers through hostile CNN segment

“Are you kidding me?”

‘I hope Trump is assassinated!’ No resignation, apology from Mo. Senator for vicious post

“No way in hell I’m resigning.”

FIVE groups included on ‘hate group’ list published by CNN are not hate groups

Andone’s report treats the list as definitive and the be-all and end-all of what constitutes a hate group.

GOP Sen candidate vehemently defends Trump in HEATED exchange, nearly sends CNN anchor over the edge

“Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking …”

CNN’s Don Lemon says WH workers who support Trump are ‘complicit in their racism’

Low, even for Lemon.

Blinded by rage protesters desecrate ‘Peace Monument’ mistaken for Confederate memorial

Would be funny, if not so pathetic and tragic.

Surprise! Senate race ratings change in 5 states … to favor Republicans

“It’s almost as if the opinions of the media & Dems aren’t d by the general public.”

Minority panel shocks CBS reporter, won’t fall prey to loaded questions after Charlottesville

“Nobody is going to tell me what to think or how to think.”

BizPac Review
Brainy young conservative makes CNN choke on its own words for declaring ‘Alt-Left’ a fake term


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer suggests Barcelona terror attack was a ‘copycat’ of Charlottesville

Just like that, the MSM’s new narrative gets underway.

Tucker gets personal, dishes out scathing rebuttal to Bill Kristol’s ‘rationalizing slavery’ jab

‘I liked Bill Kristol once and thought he liked me. What a shame.”

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