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‘The race baiting has to stop!’ Undeterred, former Trump diversity rep powers through hostile CNN segment

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As CNN’s Poppy Harlow preached “morality,” the wheels came off a segment featuring left-wing zealot Michael Eric Dyson and Brunell Donald-Kyei, the former chair of the Trump campaign’s diversity outreach.

Donald-Kyei accurately noted that white supremacists and neo-Nazis don’t make up President Donald Trump’s core support, as the media has portrayed in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottseville.

But she was outnumbered and struggled to present her views.

Harlo asked if Trump was “unifying” the country, but cut Donald-Kyei off when she failed to give the desired answer. The CNN host instead handed it over to Dyson, after redirecting the focus to the president’s reference to “both sides” in a news conference on Tuesday.

Naturally, Dyson dismissed the army of Antifa combatants armed with clubs as just “people who were protesting,” before claiming Donald-Kyei was being “complicit” with Trump “reinforcing the kind of hate we see in this nation.”

“We are tired of the division. This nation wants to heal,” Donald-Kyei replied. “All the races want to heal. The majority of us who love this country and the freedom that it stands for, we are tired of the bickering back and forth!”

She tried to say the counter-protesters were just as militant in Charlottesville as the white nationalists, if not more so, but Harlo again jumped in, effectively equating the throwing of urine as “fighting for equality.”

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Donald-Kyei continued to stress that both sides had weapons. Harlo cut her off to stress that the woman who died after being hit by a car, Heather Heyer, was a victim of a white supremacist.

While she admitted that what happened was wrong, Donald-Kyei refused to relent on the point that the left-wing protesters came to fight.

“They were armed, they didn’t come to just protest,” she insisted. “They came armed, as well to counter protest.”

Dyson dared to describe Trump’s tweets as “rhetorical feces,” in comparison to actual feces thrown by the protesters.

“Are you kidding me?” a shocked Donald-Kyei said.

“You know what? The race baiting has to stop,” she told him. “Our children need jobs, they don’t need you to race bait!”

“They’re dying out there!”

Though it was clearly a two-on-one situation, Donald-Kyei proved that she was more than up for the challenge, taking both Harlo and Tyson on and still getting her points across.

Watch the rest of the contentious segment in the video below:

As for her claim that “this nation wants to heal. All the races want to heal,” Donald-Kyei’s Twitter feed proved that was more than just empty rhetoric.

She tweeted a photo of a hand, each finger a different color, emblazoned with the phrase: “ALL are precious in His sight.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of GOD. Matthew 5:9 Pray for peace & healing in our nation!” the caption read.


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