Who knew? It’s Israel’s fault Palestinian men beat their women, says UN expert ‘study’

He said she was essentially saying that, “When Palestinian men beat their wives, it’s Israel’s fault.”

Escape blue state misery! Booming new business helps conservatives relocate to red states

“Great school, great jobs, low crime. Those things don’t exist in the liberal bastions of California.”

Dem bill moves to block Trump properties from taxpayer-funded flood insurance to teach him a lesson

“Dear Lord, do they not have a life??”

There’s no excuse – ever – for what this Dem Congressman said about Trump voters from the House floor

“Love to hear these things. shows how unhinged they are.”

Finally, someone says it! Sen Cotton throws in an unexpected question


Cambridge history tutors told to stop using the word ‘genius’ because it’s sexist

“I think it is extremely well intentioned and I applaud them for taking the matter seriously. But it is so insulting.”

Ticked off Sessions tells off Senator Wyden in fiery exchange

“Some of that leaked out of the committee that he said in closed sessions,” he said.

‘An appalling and detestable lie’: Sessions opens by blasting Dems, vows he will not be ‘deterred’ nor intimidated

Attorney General Sessions came out strong against Democrats and their obsession with Russian collusion conspiracy. After briefly thanking the Senate Select Committee for a chance to state […]

‘Avengers’ star Mark Ruffalo’s petition to halt NBC’s ‘white conservative hiring spree’ backfires

“So you’re o.k. with conservatives of any other color. Just the white ones you have problems with. Libs never cease to amaze.”

Sessions corrects one of Comey’s ‘faulty memory’ moments with facts

Another hearing, another example of former FBI Director Comey not being honest. 

BREAKING: McCain’s wife agrees to a White House job – what she’ll be doing for Trump…

Trump “aggressively courted her for this, it’s a done deal now.”

SG-Twisted Sister
Video: Trumps rock out to ‘We’re not gonna take it’ with Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider

This is awesome.

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