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Sessions corrects one of Comey’s ‘faulty memory’ moments with facts

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Statement by Michael Reed:

Another hearing, another example of former FBI Director Comey not being honest.

Attorney General Sessions just set the record straight that Director Comey was not being truthful when he testified last week he was “not aware” of any memo sent by DOJ to the FBI providing information on Sessions’ recusal.

In lightly reported news (shocker), the Department of Justice released an email last week proving that Director Comey’s testimony about a lack of disclosure from DOJ was wrong.  See below…

Sessions fires back at Comey, amid recusal questions

Fox News, 6/9/17


Comey also had testified that he was “not aware” of any memorandum sent to the FBI on behalf of the DOJ providing information as to why Sessions recused himself.

But on Thursday night, the DOJ released the email sent by Chief of Staff Jody Hunt to then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, Comey and others. The DOJ said the email was sent “specifically informing Mr. Comey and other relevant Department officials of the recusal and its parameters.”

Hunt’s email said: “You should instruct members of your staff not to brief the Attorney General” on related matters.

Michael Reed, is the Research Director & Deputy Communications Director of the Republican National Committee. The previous statement was released on Tuesday in an email response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.


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