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‘You’re a liar and a fraud!’ Rep Schiff feels scorching backlash over outrageous Obama-era claim

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What world do Democrats live in?

California Rep. Adam Schiff‏ believes that the eight year presidency of former President Obama was scandal free and that Obamacare was a big success.

Former President Obama was in office for eight years. Does that mean Obama crammed all those many scandals into one year?

It’s safe to assume Schiff was mocking Trump’s ealier tweet slamming Obamacare that just happened to begin in nearly the exactly same way.


No doubt Schiff was too busy trying to be clever than even get his lie right — it’s eight years genius. And plenty of people weren’t going to be talked to like they are a bunch of uninformed morons let  Shiff feel the scorching backlash he had coming:

Shiff’s comment came on the same day his fellow Californian, Sen. Kamala Harris declared that she wouldn’t vote for Judge Gorsuch because he follows the law.

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Carmine Sabia


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