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‘There is no stage 5’: Tucker has some advice for Samantha Bee

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson tackled the issue of comedian Samantha Bee, not only mocking the haircut of a cancer patient, Kyle Coddington, as “Nazi hair,” but also for her hypocrisy on diversity.

Carlson was joined by The Hill reporter Joe Concha who was outraged that Bee called anyone a Nazi, despite their medical condition.

“It’s a very hateful show,” he said. “This is what late night has become.”

He explained that showing a college kid on national television and labeling him a Nazi might have severe consequences including bullying and possibly suicide.

Bee has apologized in a tweet but has not spoken directly to Coddington.

“Samantha Bee has yet to apologize for calling this kid and other kids there a Nazi,” he said. “Hey, Samantha here’s an idea. Why don’t you pick up a phone, because this kid has stage four cancer, there is no stage five, and apologize directly by phone in your own voice instead of a stupid tweet that wasn’t even an apology in the first place!”

Fox News watchers responded to Coddington’s story in a big way driving him past his $2,500 GoFundMe goal for his expenses to more than $100,000..

Concha also pointed out that after Bee went after MSNBC for not being diverse and hiring enough black women, he did some research and found that one out of 33 members of her show’s production team were black.

“She’s preaching about diversity and hiring more black women and she’s one for 33,” Concha said.

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