‘We show up’ hashtag says it all! Strong Conservative women fire back at ‘Day Without A Woman’ protest

Conservative women want it to be known that they are not represented by the #DayWithoutAWoman protest.

The protest is being headed by convicted radical Islamic terrorist Rasmea Odeh who participated in the bombing of an Israeli supermarket that killed two Jewish students, Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, in 1969.

And it is organized by the same Women’s March group that was organized, in part, by Sharia Law supporting Muslim activist Linda Sarsour.

But liberal women are following along like lemmings although no one has stated what rights American women don’t have that men do, unlike in the Palestinian land from where Odeh hails.

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Schools have been closed and other businesses might be affected by the women who have decided to not do their jobs on Wednesday because of the protest.

And conservative women wanted it to be known that they want no part of the brand of “feminism” being promoted by Odeh and the radical left.

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Carmine Sabia


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