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CNN panel in disbelief as NYT writer points finger at Hillary supporters for ‘birther’ movement

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First Matt Lauer gave her tough questions, now a New York Times columnist is reporting the truth. Hillary Clinton’s loyal media lapdog’s can’t stomach it.

During n appearance on CNN’s “New Day” on Friday, New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Maggie Haberman accurately explained that it was Clinton supporters who, in 2008, played a major role is starting to so-called “birther movement” against then Sen. Barack Obama.

“There were some supporters of Hillary Clinton who started the birther movement. Hillary Clinton never talked about it. There was some internal memo that leaked at one point, and then it never went anywhere,” she said as her fellow panelists stared at her, seemingly in disbelief.

But Haberman quickly reverted back to the requisite New York Times anti-Trump narrative.

“It was Trump definitely, this is not in dispute, who in 2011 put what had been a fringe movement at that point that most conservatives, to be clear, avoided talking about. … Trump rushed ahead with it,” she said.

“But there is no reason to believe he has changed his opinion on that, other than Rudy Giuliani saying, oh, he’s changed,” she added. “So I think that because Trump has said so many things that are so contradictory, or that have, you know, not matched up, or that have been not true, there is no reason to assume that, yes, this is accurate, and he has.”

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Carmine Sabia


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