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Ten Prominent Doctors question Hillary’s health. Now the media is even grilling the State Dept about it

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The torrent of questions about Hillary Clinton’s health condition is growing with more doctors raising concerns. Now the State Department is being questioned.

Recently 10 prominent doctors voiced concerns on the Democrat nominee’s health, including Dr. Drew Pinsky who had his television show cancelled after he expressed concerns that Clinton might be suffering from brain damage.

And now, after her coughing fit at a campaign stop, the concerns have reached the State Department.

On Tuesday a reporter asked State Department spokesman Mark Toner about it.

“And then you worked with her while she was here, since almost every network had a story about her coughing fit, would you have any reason to worry or wonder about her health?” the reporter asked.

Toner laughed it off and then said “I can only speak for my personal experience with her, and she seemed a very vital and dynamic and healthy person.”

Good answer . . . if you don’t want to end up like Dr. Drew.

Carmine Sabia


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