Venezuela demolishes 2,000 guns in city square, and the socialist country’s just getting started

The socialist paradise in South America where an entire country is starving is now looking to disarm its populace.

This month Venezuela  made a spectacular show as government officials destroyed some 2,000 firearms in a public square in the capital city of Caracas. The country also plans to implement a registry for ammunition to keep tabs on would-be offenders.

Interior Minister Nestor Reverol announced that the destruction of the firearms marked a return to a strict gun control policy that the country had been ignoring as crime rates soared, Reuters reported.

The socialist country devolves into poverty and chaos despite its great natural resources and past history as a strong, capitalist nation. It now has the world’s second highest murder rate as food becomes scarce, jobs are lost, and people starve.

With inflation hitting a whopping 185 percent in 2015, its national currency in collapse, and a desperate population, even government salaries can’t sustain a family. Many police officers are selling their government-issued firearms to gangs because they don’t have enough money to live on. Corrupt and desperate local government officials have been selling state-manufactured ammunition to the gangs.

And what is the Venezuelan government’s cure for this spike in desperate crime? Is it a good capitalist program of jobs and expansion? Nope, it is disarming the public. God forbid the government should admit that its own policies have created this mess.

This is what socialists do. Instead of helping their people, they disarm them to make sure they can’t effectively put a stop to oppressive government actions.

And there is good reason for the national government to fear its own population. Venezuelans are getting desperate, and large protests have been seen around the country. Sadly, instead of listening to their people, officials have taken to brutal crackdowns on people who only want jobs and food for their families.

Recently, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., noted that the world must wake up to what is happening in Venezuela and called the protesters there “courageous.”


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