Air travel is breaking down, 1000 flights cancelled or delayed over weekend

After yet another weekend of widespread flight cancellations or delays, a U.K.-based flight attendant has described the scenario for overworked flight crews as “completely unsustainable as a […]

NFL accused of ‘hit job’ by agent of former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden

The longtime agent for former Super Bowl-winning NFL head coach Jon Gruden spoke out about what he called a “hit job” to run his longtime client out […]

Elon Musk challenges Twitter CEO to ‘public debate’ on ‘bots’ as various broadcasters vie for rights

Elon Musk has seemingly proposed settling his dispute with Twitter in a public debate rather than in court, and several media outlets are reportedly ready to make […]

Musk lays out his conditions for moving forward with Twitter buyout

Free speech absolutist Elon Musk proposed a simple solution to the current stalemate between him and Twitter related to his $44 billion buyout offer for the social […]

Kevin Spacey ordered to pay ‘House of Cards’ creators $31 MILLION for lost revenue

Celebrated but now-disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has been ordered to pay the creators of “House of Cards” nearly $31 million for losses that were incurred after Spacey […]

Red states fight back with all-out assault against woke banks: ‘We won’t do business with you’

Republican state officials don’t plan to just allow woke banks pushing climate change to destroy them and are readying an all-out assault to fight back against so-called […]

Newsom dangles huge tax credit to win back film production with divisive ultimatum: ‘Time to choose’

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) thrilled unions by announcing his support for extending $1.65 billion in tax credits for TV and movie creators and urged them to leave […]

‘Stranglehold’: Tesla’s battery deals highlight Chinese dominance of crucial EV materials

Jack McEvoy, DCNF Tesla signed new contracts with two of its current Chinese battery material suppliers, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, highlighting the extent to which American electric […]

‘Market crash’: Robinhood announces more layoffs as crypto trading tanks

John Hugh DeMastri, DCNF Robinhood, a major player in the retail investing market, will be laying off 23% of staff, citing inflation and the floundering crypto market […]

Portland homeowner lists home with major caveat – squatters who won’t leave become buyer’s problem

There’s nothing like finding your dream home. And in Portland’s Southeast neighborhood, surely someone’s future dream home has just been listed on the market. It has it […]

Elon Musk hits Twitter with countersuit over fizzled buyout

Elon Musk dropped a countersuit on Twitter Inc. on Friday, continuing his bid to bail out of his previous $44 billion agreement to buy the social media […]

‘Forgotten’ bodega owner distraught over biz, wonders where the ‘big people’ are who promised to help

(Video: Fox News) Likely reflecting the feelings of small businessmen and women all across America, a New York City bodega owner expressed frustration with the federal government’s […]

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