Met Opera, Carnegie Hall, other elite venues will NOT follow Broadway lead in axing mask mandates

Although almost 80 percent of New York state has been vaccinated, some upper-echelon venues in the Big Apple are keeping mask mandates in place even as many […]

‘People’s Pundit’ brutally disabuses Biden myth about MAGA Republicans, Wall Street

Richard Baris, a.k.a. The People’s Pundit, is essentially saying “c’mon man” to President Biden’s Wall Street-related messaging misinformation that the liberal media has compliantly failed to fact-check. […]

Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit Onward Together funneled 75,000 to defund the police groups

With tanking approval numbers, “Dark Brandon” has endeavored to be at the forefront of a narrative shift pinning the Democrat-touted “defund the police” movement as a stance […]

Newsom creates creepy 10-member council to set far-reaching standards for its fast food industry

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a far-reaching bill on Monday that empowers and adds protections for fast-food workers by creating a 10-member Fast Food Council with equal […]

String of fires prompts Amazon to temporarily shut down solar rooftops at US facilities

Amazon decided to suspend the use of the massive solar panel arrays installed at its fulfillment centers last year because they kept catching on fire. Internal documents […]

GM offers to buy out Buick dealerships refusing to toe the line on electric cars

John Hugh DeMastri, DCNF General Motors will offer a buyout to any Buick dealer that isn’t willing to invest in the brand’s all-electric shift, The Wall Street […]

White woman sues Amazon for racial discrimination over $10K ‘diversity grant’ program

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against online shipping colossus Amazon over a “diversity grant” program, arguing that the company is engaging in “patently unlawful racial […]

McDonald’s chief slams California’s ‘ill-considered’ $22/hr min wage proposal in open letter

“Let’s see… I can flip burgers for $22 an hour or I can take that lower-paid internship to help me get a real job that allows me […]

Walmart hits back at FTC’s money-lending lawsuit, calls it ‘egregious’ government overreach

At a time when so many government agencies are being weaponized to attack political enemies, it might be that the Federal Trade Commission should be added to […]

US chipmaker ordered to halt sales of semiconductors to China

John Hugh DeMastri, DCNF American chipmaker Nvidia announced in a Wednesday quarterly report that the U.S. government informed them of a new license requirement that would prohibit […]

Expert says Twitter could face securities fraud claim in Elon Musk showdown: ‘Gift from the digital gods’

Revelations from a Twitter whistleblower could put the social media platform in serious legal jeopardy with the feds if that person has “the goods.” (Video: Fox News) […]

Common car safety feature has a massive, dangerous flaw

John Hugh DeMastri, DCNF The majority of cars that utilize pedestrian automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems to automatically stop cars in the event a driver does not […]