Florida photo shoot fail
WATCH: ‘Joe Cool’s’ photo shoot fail in Florida

This poor guy has gone out to the water to have his picture taken. He’s got his photographer. He’s wearing his green shorts and matching green hat. […]

Elephant traffic cop
Elephant directs traffic – no one gets through!

Watch these motorcyclists flee an elephant that’s decided to claim the road for itself.

Battlefield 4 soldier
Hey catcall lady, this video’s for you: 10 Hours of Walking in Battlefield 4 as a Soldier

Caution: Strong language, not intended for everyone The viral video “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” grabbed over 31 million views in less than […]

Poor Kid
This poor young football player will never, ever live down this mistake

There is nothing in Spanish Fork, Utah except church and football. I mean nothing. So when this young Spanish Fork player, Jason Money, forgot the rules of […]

Cowboys fan loses it
Cowboys fan goes crazy, destroys house when team loses to Redskins

When the Redskins beat the Cowboys in overtime Monday, one fan found it too much to bear and decided to destroy his house. He toppled his television, […]

UPS revenge
WATCH: UPS driver exacts revenge by kicking $12,000 package out the door

This frustrated UPS driver kicks and flips a rejected package out the door after he was told the company wouldn’t accept a COD payment. Package contents? A […]

Peanuts world series
Petition to change the words to ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ drives fans nuts!

Buy me some apples and healthy snacks? Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a couple to the World Series and asked them to pose as the parents of a […]

Alimony payment
Man celebrates his freedom from alimony by breakdancing and moonwalking

This man was so delighted to be free of his obligations to his ex-wife that he couldn’t keep from singing. His last payment was a hefty $9,900, but […]

Florida Cop punk
Watch: Florida cop doesn’t punch ‘f*cking little wise-ass 20-year-old punk’ in his ‘sarcastic b*tch nose’

The veteran officer in this video lost his cool in such epic fashion, the viral footage has sparked an internal investigation into his confrontation with the man […]

Ebola Kid
Watch poor kid freak out when ‘parents of the year’ tell him he has Ebola

The media madness about Ebola has created the perfect kind of terror storm that eclipses any run-of-the-mill fear we may have felt about the boogey man in […]

Potty Mouth Princess
Parody pokes fun at potty mouth princess propaganda

What’s more offensive than little girls dropping the f-bomb? Thinking women are victims who need a big government to protect them, says libertarian Julie Borowski who has […]

Zombie Dui
‘Zombie’ gets two DUIs in three hours

This 26-year-old upstate New York woman was arrested and charged with drunken driving as she was leaving a Halloween party (which explains the costume). Her blood-alcohol level […]