phony injury
Phony injury magically healed!

This Montreal player was brought back to his feet after feigning a pretty impressive, but absolutely fake, injury. Come on guys, this is supposed to be a […]

Man’s first-time shot from Smith & Wesson sends him running for cover

There’s no rule that says, “don’t shoot trees,” but if you’re shooting a little tree with a powerful .500 Smith & Wesson, then make sure you stand […]

Policeman smacks into wall while chasing a mob of topless women

It’s unlikely that additional police training could have kept this officer on his feet during a topless FEMEN rally. It’s hard to tell if his eyes were […]

Duck Dynasty DWTS
Too much Monster and not enough Mash for Duck Dynasty Daughter

The Dancing with the Stars crowd loved Duck Dynasty daughter Sadie Robinson’s Monday night performance. Unfortunately for Robinson and partner Mark Ballas, the judges took a harsher […]

laser pointer helicopter
Watch how idiot gets nabbed after shining laser pen at helicopter

A naughty, and not very polite boy in Britain was arrested after he allegedly pointed a laser pen at a police helicopter. Apparently, shining laser pens at […]

LSU girl ole miss loss
Hysterical woman lets loose on a jug of milk over Ole Miss loss

Warning: strong language The No. 3 Rebels were beaten by the No. 24 LSU Tigers yesterday in a game that was more than a slight upset for […]

Awful man dallas airport
See how fast bystanders tackle awful man at Dallas airport!

Warning: very strong language. After lashing out and attacking an older traveler, this ridiculous man was taken down and shamed by other passengers at the Dallas airport. […]

Peanut Vendor
Peanut vendor wows fans with amazing upper deck delivery

In the first game of the World Series this vendor scored a home run with his spot-on peanut toss waaaaaaay up to the upper deck of Kauffman […]

Touchdown Baby
Touchdown baby’s got game!

This toddler is proof that the NFL has nothing to worry about when it comes to reaching younger fans.

Popcorn suicide
Guy casually eats popcorn while cops try to stop suicidal neighbor from jumping

If you get hungry watching TV, then you’ll understand why this man grabbed some popcorn while watching his neighbor attempt suicide.  

He’s still standing, just barely
He’s still standing, just barely

Chargers corner back Jahleel Addae gets pounded twice during a game against the Broncos. Knocked out but not down, he’s sure to have a headache in the […]

Man flips car in Icelandic parking garage
Man flips car in Icelandic parking garage

Mama always said, if you’re struggling with the parking gate: try, try, again. For this shirtless, Icelandic driver, getting through the parking gate isn’t the issue it’s […]

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