Sea lion
WATCH: Gregarious sea lion wants to party with people: pursues speedboat, hops aboard

No sticking with your own kind for this guy, who wants to be where the people are. Who knew a sea lion could swim that fast?

SodaStream Wine disaster
Watch: Kid attempts to make sparkling wine with his SodaStream

The directions on the SodaStream machine are so very specific: only attempt to carbonate water. Do not use any other liquids in the SodaStream. Watch what happens […]

Bruins fan
Adorable, bespectacled little boy fist bumps the whole Boston Bruins team

Watch the cutest little fan you’ve ever seen fist bump every one of the Bruins players as they leave the ice after their pregame warm up.

Punk Rock Kick
Mohawked punk rock guitarist levels stage-jumping fan

No, you may not jump on stage. You are not part of the band. If you jump on stage I will stomp on you. How punk rock […]

Car push fail
Hilarious FAIL: Pushing a car through a service bay

Some people have absolutely no situational awareness.  

Liberal Chick George Jefferson
Stupid Liberal Chick forgets which Jefferson founded the country

Is she for real? Liberal Chick says our founder, George Jefferson, would not be pleased with the Conservatives’ mid-term win. I’m not sure if she’s right — […]

Halloween Witch 2
Halloween Witch: Nasty little girl needs a lesson on the first amendment

A Christian preacher was out on the street during the Halloween celebrations in Salem, Massachusetts  when this shrill little witch of a child forgot she was addressing […]

Thousand dollar face
I’d pay a thousand dollars to be able to break this kid’s face

This kid made my boss so mad he said, “I’d pay a thousand dollars to be able to break this kid’s face without getting arrested.” See if […]

SWAT dog execution
SWAT team executes family dog over poop dispute

Warning: Strong language Sometimes police respond to situations with force that is so disproportionate to the initial problem that a sad, stunned silence is the only appropriate […]

Science Class Explosion
Watch: Science experiment goes horribly, horribly wrong

The first safety rule in science class is wear goggles. The second safety rule is don’t make an explosion bigger than you can handle. Sadly, this class […]

News Anchor Dance
News anchor gets his groove on during commercial break

News anchors are stuck at the anchor desk during commercial breaks, so what do they do when they get bored? This West Virginia news anchor Dan Thorn […]

Man rides whale
Even his mom thinks he’s an idiot for riding a dead whale in shark heavy waters

This Australian man jumped into shark-infested waters to “ride” a dead whale, a blubber-exposed and partially eaten whale. His parents think he’s an idiot. You will too.