FL Cabinet
Florida Five: Year-end wrap-up from Gov. Scott and the Florida Cabinet

Wrapping up 2014, Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet issued on Wednesday these informational statements: Gov. Scott encourages Florida Prepaid enrollment before year end – Gov. Scott […]

Dog sentenced to death in owner’s will has been given a new chance at life

It’s a happy New Year for one lucky dog. Bela, a German shepherd, was nearly put to death simply because her owner had died. Indiana resident Connie […]

Teacher’s classroom experiment goes viral globally; most valuable lessons kids will learn

A well-meaning sixth-grade teacher from Tulsa, Okla., wanted to teach her students about posting inappropriate material on social media, and ended up learning an important lesson herself, […]

Family cat saves 5-year old from bullies; dubbed hero

A recent episode that went down in the British town of Doncaster showed that you are never too small to protect the ones you . When a […]

Official White House 2014 ‘Year in Photos’ gets Angry Bald Dude’s touch

There’s nothing like collection of carefully selected photographs to make your year lo successful. The White House this week released its “Year in Photos” for 2014 and […]

gas pump
Inhaled too many fumes? Watch spatially challenged lady’s hilarious attempt to get gas

The poor woman in this video, literally, could not find her gas tank. First, she pulled alongside the gas pump, and realized the tank was on the […]

Sydney fireworks
Watch Sydney welcome the world to 2015 with annual New Year’s fireworks extravaganza!

Australia is one of the first countries to see the new year, and to welcome it in, the city of Sydney launches one of the world’s most […]

What we said 2014
Funniest things we said in 2014

The end of the year is a natural time for reflection — and for shuddering as we remember the silly things we did, or said. To recap […]

Family’s tradition includes 15,000 fireworks and a blowtorch!

The idea of 15,000 explosions in under a minute may eve images of a war zone. But not for this family in the formerly war-torn town of […]

Train blows turbo, puts on one heck of a show!

A train in Boca Raton, Fla. nearly caught fire the day after Christmas, but it lit up like the Fourth of July. Thankfully, nobody was harmed by […]

Drone flies over LA’s dangerous Skid Row to capture video; it ends very badly!

A combination of rampant homelessness and criminal gangs makes Skid Row in Los Angeles a dangerous place, so when some LA film makers wanted to capture the […]

Delray Beach protesters
Empowered thug gets questioned by cops, returns with huge posse to attack officers

Some people are confusing the right to protest with an idea that the cops are no longer allowed to do their jobs. A ray Beach, Fla., man […]

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