Americans should keep a close eye on this potential challenger to Trump

The next presidential race is on. One probable candidate is former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He just released a new bo: “Never Give […]

Have kids, live free and ignore the population panic

Have you heard? The world is about to end! “60 Minutes” recently featured Paul Ehrlich, author of the bestseller, “The Population Bomb.” “Humanity is not sustainable,” he […]

More inconvenient facts about Biden’s magical thinking on EVs

Politicians praise electric cars. If everyone buys them, they say, solar and wind power will replace our need for oil. But that’s absurd. Here is the rest […]

John Stossel: Government’s workplace rules have nasty unintended consequences

  Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign was just disrupted by campaign workers demanding the same $15 […]

John Stossel weighs in on gagging investigators

OPINION: John Stossel Recording events from public land shouldn’t be a crime. Yet when a woman in Utah, standing by a public road, filmed farmworkers pushing a […]

John Stossel: Government Bullies

OPINION By: John Stossel The city of Dunedin, Florida, wants Jim Ficken’s home. Ficken’s mom died, so he went to South Carolina to take care of her […]