Mueller’s biggest fumble: Watch how the word ‘collusion’ turns him into a bumbling, incoherent mess

Though the word is widely used when many discuss the Mueller investigation, Robert Mueller himself took issue with using the term “collusion” in any description of his […]

Watch: Omar says Muslim lawmakers should not be asked to condemn female genital mutilation

Anti-Semitic Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has again made it perfectly clear that the only things she’s willing to condemn are Americans, be they the nearly 63 million […]

Forever 21 ‘Fake News’ bike shorts trigger libs, promptly sell out online

A pair of graphic shorts with a “Fake News” print have sold out online after sparking a meltdown from liberal journalists. The bike shorts, offered as part […]

Sleepy Mueller wakes up long enough to tell Schiff that Trump tweets call for investigation

Though Robert Mueller faced plenty of tough questioning on Wednesday from Republican lawmakers, he also seemed to get plenty of softball and seemingly irrelevant questions from Democrats […]

Feistiest 5 minutes of Mueller Day! You have no more power to exonerate Trump ‘than you have power to declare him Anderson Cooper’

Special Counsel head Robert Mueller has received the grilling of a lifetime from Republicans who take issue with his report and complete lack of willingness to discuss […]

Mueller PART 2: Nunes was ready for him, invokes Loch Ness Monster

Following multiple tense exchanges with lawmakers during a House Judiciary hearing on Wednesday morning, Robert Mueller’s feet got put to the fire once more in a Wednesday […]

McClintock accuses Mueller of playing ding-dong ditch with crap report, omissions purposely make Trump seem guilty

Rep. Tom McClintock​ repeatedly​ appeared to get no satisfactory responses from former special counsel Robert Mueller during Wednesday’s Congressional hearing. The California Republican became increasingly frustrated as […]

No, Mueller won’t say impeachment would be appropriate, but they keep asking

In closing for the Republican’s line of questioning, Representative Mike Johnson wanted to tie up some lose ends and remove all doubt from the hearing. While questions […]

Fedup Steube unloads on Mueller over refusal to answer questions: ‘American people want to know’

In questioning Robert Mueller on Wednesday, Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., ran into the same stonewalling seen all day from Mueller. The Republican began by asking Mueller whether […]

Obama could have been charged under your flawed interpretation, Cline digs into Mueller’s biased team

When given the chance to question Robert Mueller at Wednesday’s House Judiciary hearing, Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) started off by calling out Mueller for continually avoiding questions […]

‘Outside my purview:’ Broken-record Mueller shuts down damning questions. Disaster for Dems!

Congressman Steve Chabot also got the opportunity to dig into Mueller’s final report, and question the Director on his handling of the investigation and the findings that […]

Matt Gaetz brings the fire, burns Mueller on Steele and Strozk

There have been a lot of noteworthy clips from the Mueller “obstruction of justice” testimony, but Representative Matt Gaetz definitely brought the anger that a lot of […]

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