Al Sharpton is trying to shakedown McDonald’s. Don’t believe him for a second

Racism is abhorrent. So are shakedown artists who cry racism to rake in cash. The Rev. Al Sharpton publicly threatened McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski on April 27, […]

China has a vice grip on our most important medicines

Democrats and Republicans battered TikT’s CEO at a House of Representatives hearing last Thursday — for good reason. The Chinese app poses a national security risk, accumulating […]

Parents should pay close attention to sex ed curriculum

The facts of life haven’t changed, but sex education is entirely different now from what you likely learned in school. Sex ed in middle school now includes […]

Biden’s magical solution to stopping drug cartels

The Mexican drug cartels are killing off our friends and family members with fentanyl manufactured in super labs south of the border and smuggled into the U.S. […]

Americans can thank one agency for the disastrous life expectancy drop

It’s one thing when government raises your taxes, suffocates your business with regulations or censors your tweets. It’s far worse when government is to blame for actually […]

The January 6 committee travesty

The Jan. 6 House committee just revealed how nakedly political it is. Forget protecting the nation. The committee’s safeguarding the Democratic Party. After conducting hundreds of depositions […]