‘Just a first step’: Ramaswamy says colleges are searching for ‘workarounds’ to SCOTUS’ race-based admissions ruling

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said Friday colleges are loing for “workarounds” to the Supreme Court’s ruling on race-based admissions. “This is just a first step, this […]

‘Sad for the justice system’: CNN guest says SCOTUS compelled speech ruling ‘is a terrible step backward’

An attorney who successfully argued cases for gay marriage said Friday that the Supreme Court’s First Amendment ruling was “a terrible step backward.” The Supreme Court decided […]

House Republicans are pushing to impeach Mayorkas. Legal experts say it’s not so simple

House Republicans’ impeachment push against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may lack sufficient evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” according to legal experts who […]

Self-proclaimed ‘socialist’ city council member pushes for rent control in blue city

Self-identified socialist city councilmember Kshama Sawant sponsored a bill discussed Friday that would set rent control provisions in Seattle. Council Bill 120606 comes as a result of […]

After lamenting the end of race-based admissions, liberal justices fret new ruling will legalize LGBT discrimination

The Supreme Court’s liberal justices have claimed that the court’s conservative decisions on race-based admissions in higher education and free expression will legalize discrimination in America. In […]

‘I was right’: Biden chews out reporter questioning him on botched Afghanistan withdrawal report

President Joe Biden lashed out at a reporter Friday after he was questioned about a State Department report on the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. A State Department […]

New State Department report says Biden didn’t know who was in charge of Afghanistan debacle

The Biden State Department did not have clarity on who was in charge of coordinating the department’s role in the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal, a report released on […]

‘Free speech is truly for everyone’: Colorado web designer speaks out after SCOTUS win

The Colorado web designer at the center of a Supreme Court ruling on free speech said Friday she wanted to protect free speech for “everyone” by suing […]

Longshot Democratic presidential candidate hires third campaign manager

Longshot Democratic presidential candidate and self-help author Marianne Williamson hired her third campaign manager since her March launch, Politico reported Friday. Williamson announced that her former New […]

Most Asian Americans don’t support race-based admissions. Why did their advocacy groups argue in favor of it?

A report released following the Supreme Court ruling that ended race-based admissions in higher education found that most Asian advocacy groups filed legal briefs in support of […]

‘Drunk on its own power’: Liberals meltdown over SCOTUS free speech ruling

Liberals criticized the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling in 303 Creative v. Elenis on Friday that blocked Colorado from forcing graphicdesigner Lorie Smith to create websites for same-sex […]

GOP rep introduces bill to counter Congolese child mines, Chinese influence in minerals

Republican Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey introduced legislation Friday which would ban imports containing key minerals extracted by child labor in Congolese mines and counter Chinese […]

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