Tucker asks Trump if he fears he will be killed

Tucker Carlson asked former President Donald Trump if he fears that he could be assassinated during an interview released Wednesday night. Trump, who leads the race for […]

Trump reveals his number one policy priority for second term

Former President Donald Trump revealed that securing the southern border is his top policy priority if re-elected for a second term during an interview that aired during […]

‘I’ve had enough’: Chris Christie hammers Vivek over climate change, compares him to Obama ‘amateur’

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy during the GOP presidential debate Wednesday evening over his stance on climate change, comparing him to […]

‘Just to be clear’: Ron DeSantis dodges question on federal abortion ban

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida avoided directly answering whether or not he would ban abortion at the federal level Wednesday during the 2024 presidential debate. DeSantis […]

Audience greets Trump critics with boos at start of first GOP presidential debate

The audience at the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday booed former Republican Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas when […]

‘Republicans did this to us’: Nikki Haley hammers GOP rivals on debate stage for raising debt ceiling

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley directly slammed her fellow Republican rivals on the debate stage Wednesday evening for voting to raise the debt ceiling. Haley not […]

‘There was lawfare’: Sol Wisenberg says Democrats ‘outgunned and outclassed’ Trump lawyers

A former federal prosecutor said that former President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign was “outgunned and outclassed” by Democrats. A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia handed […]

Judge denies Mark Meadows’ attempt to move Georgia case to federal court

A federal judge shot down a Wednesday attempt by Mark Meadows, who served as former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, to ay his pending Fulton County, […]

‘Blatant violation’: Gun activists rail at Biden admin for punitive crackdowns on ‘law-abiding’ firearms dealers

The Biden administration is cracking down on gun store owners who violate its “zero-tolerance” policies. Over 120 gun store owners had their licenses reved since October of […]

 Judge denies RFK Jr’s request for restraining order against YouTube’s censorship

A federal judge on Wednesday denied Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s request for a temporary restraining order to stop YouTube and its parent company Google […]

‘Blind eye to corruption’: Comer rips DOJ for allegedly obstructing IG investigation into Hunter Biden probe

Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky ripped the Justice Department over allegations it was obstructing an investigation into the handling of the probe into Hunter Biden. Comer, […]

DOJ announces it’s charged over 3,000 people with COVID relief fraud

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Wednesday that it has charged over 3,000 individuals with fraud and recovered nearly $1.4 billion in stolen COVID-19 relief funds to […]

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